Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda 2024

Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda, Only the Virunga region of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo offer amazing golden monkey trekking tours. Golden monkeys are a subspecies of the Sykes Monkey, often known as “Blue Monkeys”. They are scientifically called Cercopithecus Mitis kandti and dwell in huge groups of approximately 60 people, primarily on the lower slopes of mountains in the Virunga rangers.

Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda, (golden monkey meaning) gold/orange markings on Golden Monkeys’ fur coats distinguish them from other monkey species. They are regarded as Africa’s most aesthetically pleasing and charming monkey species. Golden monkeys primarily feed on bamboo shoots and branches, but they will occasionally hunt for ripe fruits and insects on the ground. They are extremely energetic, curious, and lively. They are constantly leaping from tree to tree in search of food or to avoid their main predator, eagle.

Golden Monkey Trekking in Uganda and  Rwanda

The gold monkey characteristics are like mountain gorillas, and are categorized as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, with approximately 5000 individuals roaming the earth. Human encroachment on their land, as well as civil battles in some parts of the Virunga region, pose threats to them. Human populations harass golden monkeys because they occasionally leave parks to raid gardens. Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda, has grown in popularity due to its endangered status and distinctive characteristics. As more people see them, the world learns about their suffering, and more resources are directed toward protecting them.

Where to See Golden Monkeys (golden monkey location)?
Golden monkey trekking  Rwanda.

golden monkey trek Rwanda

Golden monkeys can be found in the following national parks: Golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda presently includes two habituated groups of golden monkeys. The largest and most visited group of approximately 100 people lives on the slopes of Mount Sabyinyo. The Gishwati Forest Reserve also has battalions of golden monkeys. A tiny population is thought to be surviving in the Nyungwe Forest National Park. Tracking is not provided for visitors to the Gishwati Forest Reserve or the Nyungwe Forest National Park. The groups here have not been habituated and remain wild. (golden monkey habituation)

Golden monkey trekking Uganda

A golden monkey trekking in mgahinga national park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda houses two habituated golden monkey armies. Mgahinga National Park in Uganda is perhaps the finest site to find golden monkeys. The park distinguishes out because it contains an additional group dedicated to a four-hour golden monkey habituation session. The golden monkey habituation experience allows guests to spend more time seeing and understanding the primates’ lifestyles with foreign researchers, professional trackers, and Uganda Wildlife Authority guides.

Golden monkey trekking in Congo.

The Democratic Republic of Congo: Golden monkeys  are  in Virunga National Park and Kahuzi-Biéga in the country’s eastern region. Golden monkey trekking is not yet fully open to visitors in Congo for a variety of reasons, including security.

Golden monkey trekking in Uganda and Rwanda.

Golden Monkey Trekking in Maghinga and Volcanoes National Park.

Golden monkeys are best tracked in Uganda and Rwanda. The two countries are well  structured or have improved tourism infrastructure, and are safer. Additionally, there is no age limit or minimum number of individuals required to follow golden monkeys. Tracking golden monkeys begins with a short  briefing at the park’s main offices at approximately 7:30 a.m. After the briefing, tourists may choose to hire a porter to assist with excess luggage before returning to their starting place. Tracking golden monkeys takes less time (about an hour) and is less physically demanding than gorilla trekking. However, because they are smaller and do not leave good proof of their prior location, they require more work to discover than mountain gorillas.

Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda

Golden Monkey Trackers can find them by looking for fresh remaining bamboo shoots. Every single day of tracking golden monkeys is unique; the weather and group movements dictate how the day will unfold. Because of their continual mobility on treetops, photographing these monkeys (flash photographs are permitted, unlike mountain gorillas) is tough. The monkeys only remain quiet when they seek shelter during heavy rains or when it becomes too windy. The winds make it difficult for them to find their foes, and they must remain vigilant for eagles. The easiest approach to photograph these adorable creatures is to set your camera to a quick shutter speed.

Once the monkeys are identified, trackers will frequently have to follow them around because they enjoy leaping from tree to tree. Their long tails aid in balancing but may become snagged and chopped off by bamboo trees. Some members have short tails, which demonstrates this. Habituated golden monkeys are not particularly shy around humans and may approach out of curiosity. Tourists are only allowed to spend one hour with the monkeys, much as they are with mountain gorillas. You might be interested in Rwanda’s two-day golden monkey tracking tour. We also offer a 6 -day gorilla trek and golden monkey package is double Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda, if you want a shorter tour to visit both primates, check out our three-day Rwanda golden monkey tracking and gorilla safari package.

Golden Monkey Habitat in Uganda and Rwanda

Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda. Because of their shy and untamed character, a golden monkey group must be acclimated before tourists may visit them. Wild golden monkey soldiers will flee from people upon first sight. Golden monkey habituation is the gradual process of letting a specific troop to become accustomed to the presence of humans in their environment. The Golden Monkey Habituation Experience is a great delight for tourists who want to learn more about the primates. During the golden monkey habituation session, visitors have four hours to closely observe the monkeys’ behavior while receiving more detailed information from researchers.

Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda packing list

When going to track golden monkeys, you’ll need the following requirements:

Suitable trekking boots.
Long trousers
A raincoat
Wearing a cap and a long-sleeved shirt
Packing lunch and drinking water
A camera. Flash cameras are allowed.
Walking stick for support.
Porter to assist with additional luggage and handle slippery terrain.
An insect repellant.
Gold Monkey Permits

To participate in Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda, you must have a golden monkey permission. The permit allows the visitor to spend one hour with the primates. Visitors can obtain permits directly from the various country Tourism Authorities. Permits for Maghinga National Park are obtained through the Uganda Wildlife Authority, while those for Rwanda are obtained through the Rwanda Development Board. A tour company can help you organize your entire golden monkey. The Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda, Maghinga tour begins with the acquisition of permits, followed by accommodation and transportation. Unlike gorilla permits, the price of golden monkey licenses fluctuates often. Unlike gorilla permits, golden monkey permits do not require advance booking. They can be acquired on the tracking day. The chances of seeing golden monkeys are pretty great. Let’s talk about the prices for tracking golden monkeys in Rwanda and Uganda.

Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda

Rwanda’s golden monkey tracking permits presently cost $100 per person. The price includes ranger and park fees for the Volcanoes National Park. The permits are obtained from the Rwanda Development Board.

Golden monkey permits in Uganda can be obtained from the Uganda Wildlife Authority or at the Mgahinga National Park headquarters (Ntebeko Centre). International visitors can obtain a golden monkey tracking permit for $100 per person. The price includes park admission, ranger/guide costs, and time spent with the primates. Visitors who want to go for the four-hour golden monkey habituation experience may have to pay extra.

Golden Monkey Trekking  in  Uganda and  Rwanda is dominated by gorilla trekking. In most cases, guests combine gorilla trekking with golden monkey tracking as an additional activity.

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