Last Minute Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda 

Last Minute Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, this activity is very critical since the permit is booked at the last minute where it causes panic and it comes with no packages like accommodation, vehicle, and safari guide among others that come with this activity. This last minute gorilla trekking is very easy during the low season since the permits are not highly demanded compared to the high season where permits are highly needed, making last minute trekking in Rwanda impossible.  You can secure a last minute permit from any companies that are reselling their or, with companies which are registered with the association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) which will help you acquire the permit quickly. However, tourists are advised to book their permits months before the actual trekking day to avoid missing out and avoid panic. Booking the permits early it offers you services that come along for example; accommodations, vehicle, guide, meal plans among others. 

Booking last minute gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Early bookings also help you have enough time to drive and catch the briefing for tourists who are to trek with you since you will have less panic. The Uganda gorilla permit currently costs $800 in uganda and in Rwanda it costs $ 1500, the price of gorilla permits include; a ranger guide fee, one hour of viewing the mountain gorillas, security, gorilla medication, park fees, and others but excludes the porter costs, drinks, packed lunch, tipping, transport and other items of personal nature.

Gorilla trekking takes hours depending on the location of the specific family or group you are trekking advising tourists to move with packed lunch and a bottle of water since trekking is not for the weak although it gives you the scenic views of the forest, green vegetation, birds, tree species and more.

Gorilla trekking is done in Uganda and Rwanda where in Uganda it is done in either Mgahinga gorilla national park or Bwindi forest impenetrable national park. In Rwanda, volcanoes national park is the one park known for gorilla trekking where these primates are searched high in the mist clouds.

Gorilla trekkers must be 15 years and above for since the activity needs patience and moving long distances in order to find the gorillas which may be hard for the children. This activity requires hiking hilly trails especially in volcanoes national park and the trails tend to be muddy and slippery which calls for comfortable hiking shoes with a stick to give you support hen moving.


  • eating or smoking in about 300 meters from the mountain gorillas is not allowed because the gorillas may grab the food or eat from you which is not  sometimes healthy.
  • Spitting on vegetation or the ground is not allowed to avoid spreading germs which may catch the gorillas and cause infections to these primates causing diseases.
  • Keep a distance of about 8 meters from the gorillas when you locate them since they are very conscious of attracting diseases from human beings since the DNA is highly human corresponding.
  • When searching for the mountain gorillas, keep silent or low tone because they are scared of unfamiliar voices in the forest which may make them run or hide since you may act as a threat to them.
  • Tourists are advised not to take pictures with flash lights which may cause chaos in the forest.
Last Minute Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda 
  • Provoking the mountain gorillas is forbidden because they may get scared and run into hiding.
  • If a tourist tends to have a nature call, you are required to ask the ranger guide to dig a hole which is long enough and covers everything well beyond recognition.
  • Volunteer to stay behind in case you catch any communicable infection like cough, flu and others in order to keep the gorillas safe and sound

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