Budget Uganda Safaris (2024 Gorillas & Wildlife Tours at Budget)

Budget  Uganda safaris , are you considering engaging in budget gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo? We offer the most budget Uganda safaris and cheap safaris in Uganda, as well as in other East African nations, but not limited to Uganda alone. Prioritizing budgeting when considering uganda safari tours is a wise decision, as the entire extravagant experience becomes meaningless if one becomes bankrupt or is unable to visit their desired place. 

Our budget Uganda safari packages have been designed to be affordable, ensuring that they do not strain your finances. We take into account the client’s preferences and aversions, as well as engage in early planning, to make crucial decisions. Increasing numbers of individuals are realizing that budget Uganda safari holidays and affordable safaris in Uganda offer enjoyable experiences, comfort, and a wide range of exciting activities. These affordable Uganda safari options are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide the opportunity to engage in activities such as game viewing, cultural encounters, city tours, and more, all for a mere 170 USD for a two-day trip. This enhances the quality of your Uganda budget safaris.

Budget Uganda gorilla safaris offer a diverse range of options that cater to many types of travelers, including solo adventurers, group safaris, budget tours, educational trips, photographic excursions, honeymoon vacations, and Uganda family vacations. Transporting you to multiple nations in Africa and beyond, including Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. To save money while on a budget for Uganda safari trips, it is advisable to go in a group of four or more people instead of going solo. Only after you experience group travel do you realize its captivating nature; it allows you to encounter unfamiliar individuals, split expenses, and enjoy delightful times together. Below, you can choose a selection of our uganda budget  gorilla trekking and bespoke

Enjoy Budget Safaris Uganda as you go on budget Uganda gorilla safaris, Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Forest & Mgahinga National Park and Cheap Wildlife Tours or budget African safaris.

Active African Vacations provides seamless  Budget Uganda Safari packages  (itineraries) that take the “stress” out of Safari planning and allow our guests to relax and enjoy Uganda on budget Uganda safaris price, Uganda gorilla permits

Budget Uganda Safari packages are designed to allow guests time at each destination to explore at their own pace with either a Private Safari or a Guided Uganda Safari. If our recommended schedule isn’t a perfect fit, we can easily customize any itinerary for  Uganda safaris and tours.

All of our Safaris connect to Ground transportation with daily departures and accommodating schedules. Any package can be booked in conjunction with a group or a Independent Traveler.

Our knowledgeable reservation staff is located in Kampala Uganda But with a partners in Rwanda , ready to assist you with your Rwanda Safari, Gorilla Safari & Uganda Safari package. Our agents are experts at customizing any package to fit your travel plans. Make your Uganda Safari unbeatable!

Enjoy Budget Safaris in Uganda 

Active African Vacations provides comfortable and convenient transportation to many popular destinations in Rwanda, Uganda & Congo.

Both services are narrated by professional guides who are eager to share the history of the local region and help identify the highlights along your journey

Explore the Top Uganda National Parks

Budget Uganda safari packages

budget Uganda safaris

Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park which is among the first National parks to be conserved in 1952 and take 3 days wildlife Safari

Visit the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi and Later Relax on the Bunyonyi Safari resorts and enjoy a boat cruise on lake bunyonyi 

affordable Uganda safaris

5 Days Gorilla & Wildlife Safari to Explore the Best of Queen Elizabeth National Park & view the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi.

Uganda Safaris

5 Days Wildlife & Primate Safari offers the best view of the Wildlife Creatures during the Game drives in parks ,Watching the Primates.

budget Uganda safaris

Discover Uganda with 7 Days mega Uganda Safari Adventure Trips offered by Cheap Rwanda Safaris to View the Gorillas,Chimps,wildlife and many more 

Budget Uganda safaris

All inclusive 7 Days Gorillas Chimpanzee & Wildlife Safari Bwindi forests Uganda gives you affordable Gorilla Treks, Wildlife Safari 

budget Uganda safaris

Explore the chimps in Kibale National Park in Uganda with the best viewing of other primates and nature walks in Fort portal District

uganda safaris

Experience the short wildlife Safari to Murchison Falls of 3 Days with the best Game Drive and watching the Lions,Giraffes among others 

Are safaris a good fit for Uganda?

Cheap Uganda safaris,  With its beautiful landscape, plenty of swamps, lakes, rivers, and even moon-like snow-capped mountains, Uganda is among the top East African countries for safaris. Uganda offers a wide range of national parks and wildlife preserves that are perfect for safaris. You can see gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable or Mgahinga gorilla national parks, explore the vast wilderness in Kidepo Valley, hear the roar of Murchison Falls, see animals in the Queen Elizabeth national park and Lake Mburo savannah plains, or see birds in Semliki national park. With a record number of just over a thousand bird species, Uganda is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Furthermore, the Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda, which is located near the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, is home to the world’s largest concentration of chimpanzees. Jinja, known as the adventure capital of Uganda, offers a wide range of water sports. The Sipi Falls, between Mountain Elgon and the Kenyan border, are also located in the east of the country.

Budget Gorilla trekking in uganda

budget uganda safaris

Explore the top budget  Uganda Gorilla Safaris in Bwindi and Mgahinga, ideal for on budget tourists seeking to experience cheap  Gorilla Trekking in Uganda. Budget uganda gorilla safaris are defined by their use of modest safari lodgings, shorter durations, and more affordable cars for transportation.

A very cheap uganda safaris,  Uganda is a highly suitable place for a budget gorilla safari because of its reasonably priced gorilla permits ($700) and the wide range of lodging options available both within and outside the two gorilla parks, namely Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

The natural habitats of mountain gorillas are located at a considerable distance from Uganda’s primary international airport and the capital city, Kampala. The distance between Kampala and Bwindi is approximately 493 kilometers, which can be covered in around 8 hours by car. A solo road trip might significantly increase the expenses of the Uganda gorilla safari. At this point, we intervene with our improved methods to reduce expenses.

When organizing your Budget Uganda Gorilla Safaris, it is crucial to consider the optimal time for gorilla trekking. The optimal period for gorilla trekking is during the two dry seasons, which occur from June to early September and from December to February. These two seasons are classified as high season because a significant number of tourists want to go gorilla trekking during periods of dry weather.

For budget-conscious travelers, taking advantage of the low season can lead to significant discounts from lodges, resulting in reduced costs for the vacation package. During our Budget Uganda Gorilla Safaris in the low season (rainy season), we utilize 4×4 safari vehicles to navigate the wet and muddy roads. Additionally, we recommend that our clients bring rain gear to ensure a seamless gorilla safari experience.

Budget Gorilla Safaris in Africa

Budget Gorilla safaris entail embarking on a Gorilla expedition, during which you will track Gorillas that share approximately 95% of their DNA with humans. You will be accompanied by an expert who will follow the trail of broken tree branches and paths left by the Apes from the previous day. This trip typically lasts for around 6 hours, although the duration may vary depending on the distance covered by the Apes. You will have roughly one hour to see the gorillas, engage in activities such as feeding their young ones, and witness the Silverbacks asserting their dominance. Anticipate observing several avian species, as well as primates such as monkeys and baboons, to name just a few.


If you have the time and desire to study Gorillas in more depth, including their lifestyle and unique behaviors, then the Gorilla habituation experience is the ideal choice. During this activity, you will spend the entire day with the Gorillas at the habituation point. It is a cost-effective option that does not require significant financial investment.

Africa is home to two distinct kinds of gorillas: The lowland Gorillas, which can be found in Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Mountain Gorillas, which can be observed in various national parks within the Virunga ranges. These parks are shared by three countries: Virunga National Park in DR Congo, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. The main distinction between the two species is that Lowland Gorillas are significantly larger and have more muscular bodies compared to Mountain Gorillas.

The cost of gorilla trekking varies among different countries. Rwanda charges 1500 USD, the Democratic Republic of Congo charges 400 USD, and Uganda charges 800 USD. DR Congo and Uganda are the perfect countries for a budget safari due to their affordable prices and the high level of satisfaction they offer. To ensure adequate preparation and timely acquisition of tracking permits, it is advisable to make your booking many months in advance. Please note that permissions are limited, with only 8 permits provided per day for individuals aged 15 and above.


To avoid incurring fines and medical expenses, it is important to adhere to the rules provided by park rangers during the briefing session. These rules include maintaining a distance of 7 meters, refraining from making noise, wearing appropriate trekking attire, using a silent camera for photography, refraining from feeding the Gorillas, and avoiding littering in the park, among others.


Opt for budget accommodation such as budget hotels, lodges, inns, and hostels that offer satisfactory amenities, reliable security, meals, and lodging. Camping is a cost-effective choice, as it allows you to bring your own tent and only pay for the camping site. Alternatively, you can sleep in budget camping sites that are strategically located in secure areas with reliable security and access to clean water. These sites are situated in the heart of the wilderness, providing you with the opportunity to listen to the powerful roars of lions and the enchanting melodies of birds during the night, all while resting under the captivating African stars.


It is essential to carefully consider transportation as it may be rather expensive if overlooked. For city excursions, opting to walk allows you to see numerous historical locations and experience them up close, which may not be possible when in a vehicle.

If not, utilize cabs or buses from the parks that are traveling in the direction of your safari, and engage with the local population along the trip. It should be noted that English and Kiswahili are the primary languages used in Africa, particularly in East Africa. However, in West and Central African countries, French, Arabic, and occasionally German are also spoken. By following the aforementioned suggestions, you will be able to participate in a multitude of activities.

Perfect guide on how to visit Uganda on budget

Uganda is renowned for offering outstanding safari experiences and hosting some of the most exhilarating wilderness activities on Earth. Often overlooked is the economic aspect of traveling to the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is renowned for its amiable and welcoming population, breathtaking landscapes, extraordinary wildlife encounters, and long-standing political stability and safety. Travelers can explore Uganda on a limited budget and immerse themselves in the abundant and untamed natural beauty that characterizes the country.

Undoubtedly, Kenya and Tanzania, which are well-liked neighboring countries, surpass Uganda in terms of its splendor. While Uganda may not possess the same abundance of wild packs, size, and leisure visitors as other regions, it certainly manages to fit an impressive array of attractions inside its limited area. Uganda’s small dimensions, abundance of natural resources and wildlife, and absence of large tourist crowds make it a superb option for exclusive safari adventures. This small establishment brings together the highest quality aspects of all that an African safari vacation has to provide.

The Rwenzori Mountains, situated in Uganda, are a prominent mountain range in Africa, characterized by its snow-covered peaks. The Nile, the longest river on Earth, meanders peacefully from Lake Victoria, the second-largest freshwater lake in the world. Mountain gorillas inhabit the misty forests on the mountains, while the tropical rainforests house a significant population of monkeys. Kampala, the cultural and political center of Uganda, is comparatively more secure than many other locations in the region. In addition to receiving widespread admiration, Uganda has gained the reputation of being the Adrenaline Capital due to its continuously growing variety of safari activities. However, what strategies can a traveler who is mindful of their budget employ to visit Uganda? In this essay, I will endeavor to provide budget-conscious travelers with a comprehensive understanding of the expenses they might anticipate for a trip to Uganda.

Budget uganda safaris, Given Uganda’s current status as a developing tourism destination, it is an opportune moment to plan a visit. Overall, the tourism industry has recovered from the travel restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus outbreak. Uganda’s rising popularity has prompted hotels and safari lodges to adhere to the region’s stringent requirements, while offering reduced overnight costs compared to other sites in the area. Uganda offers accommodation options suitable for every traveler, irrespective of their financial resources or preferences. However, before you become excessively excited about planning your safari itinerary, here are a few strategies for visiting Uganda on a limited budget.

Uganda has a wide variety of transportation options, including unclear yet affordable public transportation and reliable although costly private transportation. Uganda’s public transportation primarily comprises buses and other forms of motorized road transport. Moreover, it is the most cost-effective means of transportation for individuals with little financial resources in Uganda. Now, let’s examine strategies for reducing expenses in the realm of road transportation.

Embark on a journey accompanied by friends or family.

As an individual traveler, you are responsible for covering the expenses of petrol, hiring a guide, and renting a car. When going on a safari as a group or family, the expense is distributed among the many persons. For example, the price range for renting a safari jeep is often between $50 and $150 a day. If there are 4 individuals on a safari, the cost per person per day will amount to $12.5. This will significantly decrease the expenses of your entire safari.

budget safaris in uganada


Boda, Boda (Motorbike)

Motorcycle-taxi, commonly referred to as a boda-boda, is a widely used and cost-effective means of transportation in Uganda. The initial purpose of the bicycle was to transport contraband across borders using rural routes, with the use of large panniers. Currently, they are furnished with pillions and propelled by engines ranging from 50 to 200 cc, rendering them a convenient means of suburban mobility and perfect for brief excursions when public transit options are limited. The fares are subject to negotiation and are rather affordable, amounting to less than US$2 or Ush1,000 to 10,000 per journey. In addition, it is possible for two individuals to ride on the same bicycle beside the rider without being caught. Observing a family on a single bicycle is truly a remarkable spectacle.

budget uganda safaris

When depending on public transportation in Uganda, it is highly likely that you will eventually make use of a boda-boda. Prior to boarding, it is important to be aware of the city’s unfavorable safety reputation. Boda-boda riders typically lack proper training and awareness of road safety protocols, which is often emphasized as necessary.

The disorderly nature of Ugandan Boda Boda transportation has recently garnered interest from the tech industry. Ride-hailing services and ride-sharing programs have emerged as modern means of transportation within cities. If you are a devoted Uber user, you will now have the opportunity to utilize it in Kampala, even for Boda Bodas. This is a significantly better alternative to merely flagging down a bicycle on the street during late hours. Taxify, SafeBoda, and Uber Boda are widely used smartphone applications for Boda Boda services that are considered legitimate in Uganda. The cost is equivalent to that of motorcycles hailed on the street.


Exploring on budget  Uganda 

Minibus taxis, as well as Boda Bodas, offer the most affordable means of transportation in Uganda for budget-conscious visitors. Aside from buses, the majority of primary transit routes in Uganda are also frequented by a continuous flow of white minibuses. These minibuses depart after they reach maximum capacity, typically every ten to thirty minutes on heavily trafficked routes. They are the most efficient means of transportation for budget-conscious travelers in Uganda. When undertaking long journeys, the cost of fares is slightly greater compared to buses, but significantly lower when traveling within the same geographical area, urban center, or village. A minibus taxi offers transportation from Entebbe to Kampala covering a distance of 38 kilometers (23 miles) at a cost of one dollar or less.

budget safaris uganda

Furthermore, as it is customary on most routes to settle the payment immediately before reaching the destination rather than at the beginning of the journey, the likelihood of being charged excessively is limited if you take a quick look about and check the fares paid by other passengers. In Uganda, minibuses are commonly referred to as taxis, although we prefer the term “minibus-taxis” to prevent any confusion with specialized rental taxis. In Kenya, the same minibuses are known as matatus, a term that Ugandans are familiar with but do not use themselves. Across most areas of Uganda, there is a rigorous restriction that limits the number of people per row in minibuses to a maximum of three. This rule ensures a higher level of comfort compared to other African countries, where the typical practice is to accommodate four individuals per row. As per the regulations, it is now mandatory for all minibus taxis to have a distinctive blue-and-white stripe in the middle, along with a taxi light sign on the top. On the other hand, special hire automobiles are required to have a black-and-white stripe.

budget uganda safari tours

Exclusive Rental Taxis

An urban dweller would be acquainted with private hire cabs. A special rental automobile refers to a vehicle that is privately hired for the purpose of transportation to a certain destination. Urban taxis, referred to as special hires in Uganda, typically have a yellow paint job, located in the middle (Entebbe airport taxis), or equipped with a taxi cab light on the roof. Taxis are pricier than other forms of transportation, but they offer much higher levels of security, especially if you arrange for a dedicated vehicle and negotiate the fare diligently. Alternatively, you may utilize one of our taxi-hailing programs that employ distance-based pricing. They are far more affordable than personalized rentals and may be found in Kampala, Entebbe, and other major cities. Uber and Taxify surpass their competitors in performance.

Affordable uganda safaris

Collective Taxis:

When visiting Uganda on a budget, shared taxis are the most economical means of transportation in remote Ugandan towns. These vehicles are usually light sedans with four to six seats. They enter their own region using routes that have insufficient pedestrian activity for minibuses. For instance, while journeying from Katunguru to Mweya in Queen Elizabeth National Park or from Kisoro to Buhoma in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Minibuses are typically more efficient and faster than them, and they operate on routes that lack any other form of public transportation. The fares are justifiable, considering that it can be your sole option from your current location. Nevertheless, they are often magnified. Tourists are often subjected to excessive fees by drivers, hence it is advisable to establish the price in advance and negotiate firmly.


Public transportation vehicles used for carrying passengers, typically operating on fixed routes and schedules.

Coach and bus services provide transit along all major routes and are unquestionably the safest form of public road transportation in Uganda. Spacious contemporary buses frequently travel at speeds of 100km/h or higher on all highway routes, enabling them to commute between the capital and any of the prominent urban regions in western Uganda in under five hours, for a cost of less than US$10.The notable selections consist of Gaa Gaa Buses operating in North and West Nile, Elgon Flyer, YY Coaches serving the East, and Easy Coaches, modern cost and Mash Poa providing transportation to Kenya. Horizon & Swift Safaris, Kalita, and Post Bus are the top choices among the numerous options available in Gulu, southwest Uganda. Link’s buses are well-maintained and capable of reaching impressive speeds. The Post Office’s Post Bus service is widely recognized as the most exceptional in the nation, thanks to its bi-daily departures, punctual arrivals, and well-maintained fleet.

The superior services adhere to very consistent departure timetables, with one or more buses departing almost every hour from roughly 07.00 to mid-afternoon, connecting Kampala with destinations such as Mbale, Mbarara, Kabale, Kasese, Fort Portal, and Masindi.


Car hire (self drive in uganda)

Self-driving safaris are becoming more popular and are a cost-effective method to reduce your expenses on a safari. The cost of renting a car in Uganda varies between $40 and $100 per day. By utilizing this, you will reduce the expenses associated with hiring a guide. Alternatively, you have the option to lease a rooftop tent, so eliminating the expense of lodging. Laba Africa offers a diverse range of safari vehicles, including compact SUVs and 4×4 land cruisers. These rental automobiles may come equipped with camping gear and cooking tools, thus reducing expenses for purchasing food and lodging.

Traveling on a budget in Uganda is now more convenient than ever. Uganda has had significant growth in recent years, and regardless of your destination or financial resources, you will easily discover exceptional holiday lodgings. The majority of towns offer a wide range of moderately priced and inexpensive hotels, and even the smallest communities typically provide accommodation options for a few dollars. Historically, tourists visiting Uganda did not have a wide variety of choices available to them.

Affordable African Safari

budget uganda safari

It is important to note that the way Ugandans use the terms single, double, and twin may not align with Western conventions. Couples may consider inquiring about the dimensions of the bed in a single room, instead of just requesting a double room. Some hotels now provide spacious beds that can accommodate two guests for the price of one. When such places provide bed and breakfast, breakfast is often served to a single guest. Certain double rooms, equipped with both a double and a single bed, can accommodate up to three people.

Tips for Saving on Accommodation while Traveling on a Limited Budget in Uganda


In Uganda, accommodation is categorized as luxury, midrange, budget, shoestring, or camping, with camping being the most economical option. The upmarket or luxury category include hotels, lodges, and resorts that primarily serve international leisure or business travelers and are typically rated three to four stars worldwide. The majority of hotels in this classification offer contemporary and intelligent lodging options, complete with private bathrooms, mosquito nets, either air conditioning or fans, and digital satellite television (DSTV) in every room within urban areas. A premium room is priced at over $300, and in some instances, over $1,000.

Nevertheless, if you are seeking a cost-effective vacation in Uganda, this information will assist you in steering clear of high-end lodging options.

If you have a limited budget, the intermediate category is the next choice available to you. Essentially, it refers to hotel facilities that do not fit the criteria for luxury accommodations, yet are either too expensive or of a high enough quality to be considered budget lodgings. These lodges are reputable establishments located in popular tourist areas. Despite offering significantly lower prices compared to high-end lodges, they still maintain a superior quality that sets them apart from budget accommodations. Accommodations in this price range typically offer cozy lodging in fully equipped rooms with hot water, a cooling fan, and possibly DSTV. Additionally, they boast a top-notch restaurant and a significant number of staff members who are fluent in English.

The majority of midrange hotels typically price their double rooms, including of breakfast, within the range of $100 to $300. However, there are some establishments that may be slightly more or less costly.



Affordable options for accommodation in Uganda for tourists

If you desire to economize on accommodation and transportation expenses when visiting Uganda, it is imperative that we locate suitable lodging for you. Hotels in this category typically prioritize the local market and may not match international standards. However, they will typically be rather tidy and enjoyable, a significant improvement from the standard guesthouses that are prevalent in most cities. This classification of hotels and safari lodges generally offers a reputable dining establishment, staff fluent in English, cozy rooms with private bathrooms, access to running water that may be either cold or hot, a cooling fan, and reliable mosquito netting.

Budget Accommodation:

This category is mostly controlled by small, localized guesthouses that are prevalent in most towns and exclusively cater to local residents. There are certain lodges, such as Red Chill near Murchison Falls National Park and hikers in Entebbe, that specifically cater to hikers. Exclusive local establishments frequently have ten cell-like chambers positioned along three walls encircling a central courtyard, accompanied by a reception space or dining establishment at the entrance. The qualities of guesthouses exhibit a considerably greater degree of variation than their pricing, both within individual towns and between different towns. Although backpacker hostels continue to exist, their accommodation choices have significantly diversified beyond inexpensive shared dormitory beds, which are more accurately categorized as budget accommodations.

This category may feature a somewhat larger quantity of unpretentious guesthouses clustered in close proximity to the bus station or market, with few discernible differences among them. In my experience, guest homes owned by women or with a notable female presence tend to exhibit higher levels of cleanliness and hospitality compared to those managed by men. Due to the minimal maintenance criteria, the new guesthouse will exhibit exceptional cleanliness and brightness.

A twin room at a low cost typically ranges from US$10-50, with a few places charging slightly higher prices. Typically, shared baths and toilets are provided instead of private ones, and breakfast is either not included or is very minimal in size. The housing fees for UWA-operated apartments vary from $5 and $15 per person, depending on the type of accommodation and whether they are sharing it with others. If you are seeking the most affordable accommodation in Uganda, irrespective of its quality, this is the category to consider. However, it often features quite enjoyable hotels that are also affordable.

Outdoor recreational activity involves staying overnight in a tent or other temporary shelter.


Over the past several years, there has been a significant surge in the number of organized campsites. Currently, there are very few established tourist centers where it is not possible to set up a tent in a secure area with sufficient amenities. The fee of camping is typically $5 per person per night in most locations, but it is $10 in national parks. The price range for tents at UWA is $20 to $30.


Renting a vehicle equipped with a rooftop tent

Opting to rent a car equipped with a roof tent is a highly effective method for reducing the expenses associated with your Uganda safari. This alternative not only eliminates the expense of hiring a safari guide, but also includes a rooftop tent for lodging. We offer two-person tents as well as a family tent that can accommodate up to four people.



These tents are equipped with amenities such as sleeping bags, camping chairs, and tables, along with a variety of cooking items. You will have the freedom to customize your itinerary according to your preferences, allowing you to allocate more time to the specific sites that interest you.

Exploring Uganda on a limited budget is going well until you make decisions about the activities and attractions to experience during your stay in Uganda. The safari activities offered in Uganda will influence your budget. One of the most popular primate expeditions in the rainforests is gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Maghinga Gorilla National Parks, or chimpanzee trekking in Kibale, Murchison Falls, and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.

Gorilla trekking costs $700.

Which country, Uganda or Rwanda, offers a superior Gorilla Trekking experience?

Observing the majestic gorillas of the mountain is an absolute must, however the permits might be somewhat costly. At a cost of US$700 per individual, you will be accompanied by two armed rangers, a tracker guide, and fellow trekkers to the specific area where a gorilla family was most recently observed in the wilderness. You will only be allowed to spend 60 minutes in their presence while wearing a facemask, gloves, and maintaining a distance of 10 meters. However, if you opt for the extended Gorilla habituation session, you will have 4 hours for a significant fee of US$1,500.

The mean expense of a non-native individual’s excursion for gorilla trekking.

Despite financial constraints, visiting Bwindi National Park is still worthwhile, since it offers the opportunity to appreciate the abundant and untouched rainforest. The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) organizes multiple 3- to 4-hour hikes in the Impenetrable Forest near Buhoma. The hikes start at 9:00 and 12:00 p.m. and have a price of $30 per individual.

Chimpanzee Trekking costs between $50 and $200.

4-Day Uganda wildlife and primate safari

Opting for chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest is a more cost-effective and easily accessible alternative to gorilla trekking in Bwindi. The cost of a permit to observe chimpanzees at Kibale is US$200, although it is possible to find cheaper options for observing larger apes in other regions of Uganda. Kyambura (Chambura) Gorge, situated in the eastern section of Queen Elizabeth National Park, is a picturesque verdant ravine that winds through the grassy plains, like a small paradise abundant with chimpanzees and various other primate species. The cost of a chimpanzee permit is $50 at this location, whereas it is $30 in Kalinzu Forest.

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