Great Apes of Rwanda and mount Rwenzori hike

Great Apes of Rwanda and mount Rwenzori hike, Golden monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees were the purpose of my trip to view them. Gorillas and monkeys may be found in the Volcanoes National Park, which is situated in the region of the 5 Virunga volcanoes in the northwestern part of the Philippine island nation while  chimpanzees are found in nyungwe forest national park located southeast of lake kivu along albertine rift.

The scenery is magnificent. this Great Apes of Rwanda and mount Rwenzori hike Trip to the golden monkeys and gorillas both take you past wonderfully maintained local agriculture before arriving at the National Park.

Cooperation between the government and the people resulted in the creation of the National Park. Because the community gets 10% of the money from the permits, the locals love tourists and get a direct financial advantage as well. They work as trackers, porters, and guides. Some guides are former poachers who have dedicated their lives to defending gorillas.

About forty minutes passed on our walk to the golden monkeys. Once the trackers have located them, you spend an hour with them, which goes by swiftly. It goes without saying that you are not permitted to touch or engage with the monkeys; nonetheless, they are not bothered by people and will swing by on the vines or that will get pretty close to you.

Great Apes of rwanda and mount Rwenzori hike

The next day was the big one on the Great Apes of Rwanda and mount Rwenzori hike package, gorillas. Within the Volcanoes National Park, there are more than twelve gorilla families who are fully habituated to tour groups. Additionally, there are a few extra gorilla families that are acclimated primarily for the purpose of scientific research at the park. In the beginning, the trackers brought back the information that our targeted gorilla family was located thirty minutes distant on the lower slopes. But a single male gorilla was harassing the family, so they were on the run. So, a brief walk developed into a three-hour walk through challenging terrain, including a ravine. It was an amazing way to explore the environment and have a blast doing it. We stayed with the group for one hour. The gorillas were relaxed and engaged with us since they are familiar with the guides. While the grownups sat around eating and resting, the kids ran amok and played. It was a true privilege and joy to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural home.

Living in the tropical forest of the Nyungwe region, which is located in the south-western part of Rwanda, are the chimpanzees. The level of difficulty must be high since chimpanzees are swift and constantly on the go. Compared to searching for gorillas, this four-hour trek was considerably more difficult. On the other hand, we came across olive baboons, mona monkeys, and mountain monkeys while we were travelling. Although most chimpanzee sightings consist of fleeting views of the primates in motion or swinging between trees, we were fortunate enough to observe the alpha male sitting for approximately five minutes. The sound of their awe-inspiring calls echoing through the forest will remain etched in my mind forever.

Snow-capped mountains known as the Rwenzori Mountains can be located in the western region of Uganda, close to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At 120 km in length and 65 km in width, these mountains surpass all others in Africa in terms of size. In 1888, explorer Henry Morton Stanley coined the term “Rwenzori.” One of the Bakonjo words meaning “rain maker” is Rwenzori, spoken by the indigenous people who inhabit the mountain’s shadow. The Rwenzori mountains became a Ugandan national park in 1991. Soon after, in 1994, UNESCO officially recognised it as a world historic site. In 2008, the Rwenzori Mountains were designated as a Ramsar site due of their significant role in global science.

The Rwenzori Mountains Trekking, particularly to the Margherita summit on Mount Stanley, is one of the most difficult but rewarding trekking experiences. On the African continent, Mount Stanley is the fourth highest mountain, and the Margherita peak is the highest point in Uganda. Both of these mountains are located in Uganda. Depending on one’s physical capabilities and personal choices, hikers have the option to traverse the Rwenzori mountains. They can pick low altitude trekking, which does not exceed 4000 m and lasts 2-4 days. High altitude trekking entails ascending above 4000 metres and reaching the highest mountain in a period of 2 to 12 days. Trekkers choose how many days to go based on how fit they are. Longer hikes are well-liked because they give hikers more time to adjust to the varying mountain climates.

Best time to hike Mount Rwenzori

On your package of Great Apes of Rwanda and mount Rwenzori hike, You may hike to Mount Rwenzori at any time of year, although the dry seasons—June through early September and December through February—are when most tourists choose to go. There are not many people that are registered to climb mountains in the Rwenzori National Park, hence there are not many crowds there. Because of this, hikers may enjoy the park to themselves, which is the greatest way to experience it.

How to Access the Rwenzori Mountains from Uganda.

Those interested in the Rwenzori Mountains can reach them via the Kasese district. Kasese is the biggest town that is located the closest to the Alps. To reach Kasese, one can take either air or road transit. Flying from Entebbe or Kampala to Kasese takes only one hour. Every day at 7 o’clock, a plane takes off from Entebbe for the walk up Mount Rwenzori and, which ends at 12:30 p.m. A car drive to Kasese from Entebbe or Kampala takes between 6 and 8 hours. One can choose to get to Kasese by public bus or through a reputable tour operator in Uganda. Once they reach Kasese or the base of the mountains, mt Rwenzori  hikers often check into a hotel for the night to rest up for the next day of their jour

How to reach mountain Rwenzori national park from kigali 

The Rwenzori Mountains National Park can be reached from Kigali by way of the Katuna border and then by way of Ntungamo to Kasese, which is approximately a five-hour trip from Rwanda

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