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gorilla in the mist meaning, Making direct eye contact with a male silverback when he sat three meters away shocked and moved me. It was just like seeing my firstborn child. As trite as it sounds “gorilla in the mist song” it’s absolutely true!

Out of the blue, I was invited to go to Uganda in 2010 for an adventure journey, where I would, among other things, encounter gorilla in the mist  true story. I had fantasized about having this opportunity ever since I saw the film about gorilla in the mist actress Diane Fossey when I was a little girl. The sheer magnitude and breathtaking beauty of it were completely unexpected.

The silverback snake
In all, we stayed in Uganda for eleven nights. It is an absolutely breathtaking nation! For those interested in the gorilla part of the itinerary, here is the rundown:
Here is what happened on the third day:


We will leave for the highlands at sunrise and travel for three hours to reach Kabale. From there, we will continue our adventure for four hours, during which time we will enjoy breathtaking views of mountain lakes and the Rwandan and Congolese Virunga Volcanoes, which are characterised by their triangle summits. Next, you’ll make your way up to Nkuringo, a lookout point overlooking the mountain gorilla habitat of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
Before our gorilla trip tomorrow, we’ll spend the night at Nkuringo Village.

With an estimated age of 25,000 years, this rainforest is among the most biologically varied ecosystems in all of Africa. This mountain park covers ground between 1,200 and 2,600 metres in elevation. Because of its heavy yearly rainfall and five rivers, it gets fairly muggy. In addition to its most famous inhabitants, the mountain gorillas (Gorilla gorilla berengeri), the park is teeming with 350 bird species, 202 butterfly species, and more than 200 tree species.

There are a number of stable groups in the park where an estimated 350 gorillas are still living. Due to the increased safety measures taken in recent years, the population has been growing at a steady rate. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is renowned for its mountain gorillas, but it is also home to some very remarkable bird species. The Albertine Rift is home to 23 of the 24 endemic species in the world, and among them are the stunning bar-tailed trogan, the African green broadbill, and many more

Ape Family Young Ape Peer Looking

Perched precariously on Nteko Ridge, on the verge of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, the views from 2 Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge are absolutely stunning. Located under the protection of three towering volcanoes, this vantage point offers a breathtaking view of the Western Rift Valley’s golden grasses and the dense treetop canopy of Bwindi. Come stay in one of eight charming gorilla in the mist  stone cottages—each with its own fireplace, plush furnishings, warm duvets, a verandah with views of the volcanoes, a library, a botanical garden, and delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The people of Nkuringo will also reap the benefits of Clouds, which is working towards the larger objective of preserving the mountain gorillas’ natural environment.

In order to fuel yourself for your gorilla trip, get up fairly early and have a good breakfast. Gather at the ranger station no later than 8 in the morning for registration and a brief presentation by one of the rangers. Your guides will lead you into the forest, where you’ll have to push through dense undergrowth and pull out creepers in order to see the gorillas. A respectable level of fitness and solid walking shoes are essential for the hike, which can take anything from thirty minutes to seven hours.

Gorilla in the mist

You won’t want to bring any food items near the gorillas, so when you get close to the troop, the guides will ask you to put your bags down. Meet the gentle giants—just make sure to bring your cameras! Relax in the company of the gorillas as you take in their antics and marvel at the massive silverback, the dominating male. Sitting in the thick of the rainforest with some of the last mountain gorillas—alas, there are only approximately 650 of these lovely creatures left—is an incredible experience. There is a strict one-hour limit on your time with the gorillas before you must return to the headquarters.

Important notice: always pay attention to what the local rangers say. No one may feed the gorillas, get too close to them (within 5 meters), or use a flash camera on them. The same goes for the security of both of you! In a region where wild buffalo are seen, you will be accompanied by armed guards who will ensure your safety. If you feel like you need a break or if your guides are moving too quickly, you can always ask them to slow down. You might also choose to employ porters who will be present at the location.

Because gorillas are so vulnerable to human illnesses, the Uganda Wildlife Authority forbids hiking when people are ill. Please follow this guideline to the letter if you are sick on the day of the journey. Get a doctor’s report on the same day (have your guide take care of this) and you’ll get half of the permit price refunded.

While witnessing gorillas is certainly within the realm of possibility, we must emphasise that this is in no way guaranteed. Because they are wild animals that don’t follow a pattern, locating them is a game of chance including your tracker sand guides’ expertise and your own good fortune. The gorilla groups have become very familiar with the trackers and guides, who have helped to acclimatize them. They will lead you to the spot where the gorillas  in the mist were left the previous day. Ask them before you go if they have any idea of how long the walk could be.

Returning in the afternoon will allow you to join a guided stroll through the Ntungamo village and get a feel for the local culture. The inhabitants of Nteko manage to meet most of their own needs. Through participation in community activities, one learns how essential local producers are for the provision of necessities like food, baskets, medicine, tools, soap, and beer.

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