Silverback gorillas, weights, strength, (male gorillas)all you need to know

Silverback gorillas, Mountain gorillas are a subspecies of the Eastern gorillas and just like humans, these mountain gorillas live in families of about 10 to 30 headed by a silverback. These families may have many silverbacks but it’s the only one that is dominant and is responsible for protecting and leading them. A silverback isn’t another gorilla species but rather a fully grown adult male gorilla.  Gorillas become silverbacks between the ages of 12 to 13 years. This is because it is at this age that hair down their back and across their shoulders becomes grayish.

These mountain gorillas are referred to as silverbacks because of the grayish hair around their back and shoulder and this hair appears with age just like gray hair in humans except among gorillas it only happens to the male gorillas. A male gorilla that is too old to be a juvenile and too young to be a silverback is referred to as the blackback. They are called so because the silver saddle will only occur at the age of 12 years.

Silverback gorillas are much larger than the females with a larger head and body, silverback gorilla weights up to 270 kgs and stand 5 feet tall. These majestic gentle giant creatures are(silverback gorilla strength) known for their immense strength and gentle nature. They are very strong and lift over 1763 pounds (800kg) of dead weight

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Silverback gorillas

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Silverback gorillas

Silverback gorillas are  Male gorilla who can potentially Leads the Gorilla family. (silverback gorillas)  Male gorillas. Develop the silver hair. Uh usually at the age of 12, to 15 years, And that is what gives them the name Silverback gorillas . Developing the silver hair among male gorillas is one of the major signs of maturity. Male gorillas have to develop to demonstrate their capabilities.

silverback gorilla

To take leadership of a gorilla family. At the age of 12, to 15 years. Male gorillas are referred to the young Silver Banks. Those who have just developed the Silvery. Meaning that they are not yet fully mature. To take over the leadership of the family. Then at the age of 15 years and above They are referred to be mature Silverbacks, those who can’t even go and fight with another Silverback of another family.

Silverback Gorillas – Size, height and lifespan

Silverback gorilla take over the leadership of the family at that age of 15 year. Silverbacks are estimated. The way in between 140, kilograms to 180 kilograms Silverbacks. Take leadership of the family. Whereby, they are the ones to decide where a gorilla family can go and feed from Where a gorilla family can rest from where a gorilla family can Nest from. So they play a pivotal role. Decision, making of the family. With the assistance of the alpha females. Alpha, females always help the Silverback gorillas to take leadership of the family. Gorillas can live in families with one Silverback, two, three, or four Cinemark’s, or even more depending on the relationship of the male individuals, we have got families, which have got more than And Silverback and these silver bags realized that they are related silverbacks.

Silverbacks also play potent role in reproduction. A silverback is the one to make with the females. In a gorilla, family, a dominant Silverback met with all the female. Individuals in the family. It’s in this kind of meeting whereby these females can get pregnant and they give birth. Young gorillas or the infants.

Silverbacks gorillas are estimated to feed for about. Are 18 kilograms of vegetation to 25 kilograms. Gorillas are estimated field about 10 percent of their body weight on daily basis. So this is one of the reasons asked why many people may think that Silverbacks are also pregnant because of the bigger tummies that they have got.

But the issue is they have bigger tummy because of the too much vegetation that they feel on. So it came to 25 kilograms of vegetation really makes one have a bigger tummy Silverbacks have also gone to a potential they can climb up in trees in search for fruits.

Silverback Gorilla

Among the fruits that is Silverbacks or gorillas feed on. Includes the fig trees. We have got a number of fig trees, that bear fruits that this animals feed on, for instance, the ficasura we also have other foods, like the crossophyllum, Have fruits like the marianzas. To do some of the fruits that these animals feed on and Silverbacks, whenever they need to feed on such fruits, they have got a potential to climb up in trees in such four such fruits or sometimes when silverbacks fail, they are not in the position to climb up in trees.

They can stay down and the rest of the family members, who can climb up, will keep dropping down the fruits for the Silverbacks to feed on. Overbox. Also play a very important role in family, protection. Silverbacks in both of them solds in the family fights, as they protect their family members and sometimes where need be in case.

Silverback Gorillas


One feels it are not impossion to fight and the challenge they improve. The such a silverback gorillas may decide to move away with his family members as a way of avoiding to lose some of his females. Silverbacks gorillas major behavior of making chest bits. Always, he make chest bits or produce the chest bits as a way of showing off their strings.

In case they sense the presence of another family nearby then also Silverbacks gorillas   check the safety of the area. Say for instance they have been feeding far away from Panicular location. Come back to that location, they have to check on the safety of the area to find out whether that area is safe.

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