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Is Rwanda Worth visiting – what you to know before visiting Rwanda

Is Rwanda Worth visiting, Rwanda is one of the most visited countries by tourists in Africa due to its unique Virunga Mountains that border Uganda, Rwanda and Congo namely; Mt. Gahinga, Mt. sabyinyo, Mt. Muhavura and Mt. Bisoke. Rwanda also has different other mountains like Mt. Karisimbi, Mt. Nyiragongo, Bigugu, Mt. Kabuye, Kigina and many more. This country is known to be the cleanest country with well-constructed roads, ever green environment rewarding tourists with fresh breathing air which is clean.

Is Rwanda Worth visiting 

visit Rwanda, Rwanda is more than its capital city, as delightful as that city may be and when you venture towards the horizon, you will get a sense as to why the country is known as the “land of a thousand hills,” due to its moments of beauty and excitement that waits on top of their crests.

Rwanda Worth visiting, Rwanda itself gives tourists many reasons to visit it despite its 26,338km2 hosting 12.2 million people making Rwanda the most densely populated country in African continent and a third greenest place in the world.

Is Rwanda a safe country to visit

why visit Rwanda, this country is mentioned as a luxury country to experience roughing in campsites, searching famous gorillas and chimpanzees in the Virunga Mountains of the country. Rwanda is surrounded with the best accommodations around Kigali, Musanze, and Kibuye among other places giving you the best of your safari experience in Rwanda.

Is Rwanda Worth visiting 

is Rwanda a safe place to visit, Rwanda has inspiring historical museums like Dian Fossey, genocides which are very incredible and educational making Rwanda a place full of promises and wonders. Exploring these places is very emotional and enlightened making them a must do experience in Rwanda.

Is Rwanda Worth visiting, Besides mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, Rwanda is a home to the most Africa’s fascinating creatures which are explored in rainforests, mountain terrain and tourists will encounter when they choose to visit Musanze where you will visit Dian Fossey museum the primate specialist for decades.

Rwanda has challenging mountains for tourists to climb which are known as Virunga Mountains bordering Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. These mountains also with their scenic views attract tourists to come and experience hiking challenges in Rwanda especially in volcanoes national park which rewards you with a crater lake when you reach the top or its summit. These things help you create your own adventure experience in Rwanda that is memorable.

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Lake Kivu in Rwanda is also an attraction where rhythmic chanting that bounces across the waters each evening, and when you choose to paddle, you will experience the singing fishermen who are the local men using songs to synchronize their paddles and their heavy wooden boats across the waters of Lake Kivu. This lake will reward you with the islands on this lake which are many in number including Napoleon Island which is in form of Napoleon’s hat which is mostly visited.

Rwanda is an attraction of its own due to its evergreen environment which is clean with fresh breathing air. Is Rwanda Worth visiting, It is an organized country with uniform speed limit, well-constructed roads, with sign posts around the country and city. Rwanda’s capital city called Kigali is very active with beautiful places like museums, malls, genocides, hotels among others which give you the best exploration in Rwanda which makes it a must visit.

In the mountains of Rwanda, tourists will experience golden monkey tracking which are seen the bamboo tree forests swinging. These golden monkeys are very rare and visiting Rwanda gives you a chance to see them by booking the permits earlier from your trusted tour operator or from the offices.

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