1 day behind the scenes experience at Entebbe Zoo

1 day behind the scenes experience at Entebbe Zoo, behind the scenes at the zoo will give you a fabulous and fantastic experience about the different natural and animal species around the zoo. UWEC zoo in Entebbe was opened in 1952 by the colonial government in Uganda to harbor the rescued wild animals.

1 day behind the scenes experience at Entebbe zoo

The Entebbe zoo harbors rescued animals like leopards, lions, camels, chimpanzees, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, baboons, red tailed monkeys and black and white colobus monkeys. Reptiles like Nile crocodile, Gabon viper and African rock pythons. Bird species like shoebill storks, parrots, peacocks and owls. The behind the scenes tour is UWEC is always done by well trained keepers and guides who know the behaviors, ways and interaction with animals in a very calm way.  The behind the scenes experience takes 2-3 hours while you get close to the animals, feed, touch and smell unlike in the national parks. With photography, it becomes simpler and easier while you have all the opportunities by yourself, get close take as much as you want and record more videos.

Itinerary overview of 1 day behind the scenes experience at Entebbe Zoo 

  •   –Early morning breakfast
  • -Behind the scenes experience
  • -Lunch
  • -Horizon hotel Entebbe

Detailed itinerary: 1 day behind the scenes experience at Entebbe Zoo 

On your 1 day behind the scenes experience at Entebbe Zoo after having your breakfast, an English speaking guide takes you through a mini briefing about the rules and regulations before the behind the scenes experience starts. It is normally done in groups just in case of any sudden happenings, it is a 2-3 hours experience with a lot of amazing features and sightings of different animals’ species like Cats; lions, leopards, giraffes, chimpanzees, elephants, baboons and monkeys. Bird species like shoebill storks, crown crested cranes, parrots and ostrich. Reptiles like Nile crocodiles, African rock pythons and Gabon pythons. During behind the scene experience, tourists get a chance to know which animals to pet and feed, like rhinos, giraffes, elephants and chimpanzees.

1 day behind the scenes experience at Entebbe Zoo

Rhinos survive up to 12 years in the wild and 21 years in observation, the zoo has 24 chimpanzees and some have names like Otim, Jane and Kiryadongo.  Animals in the zoo undergo integration, with birds and monkeys you get them on a free and closer range during the walk behind the scenes, Photographs will make this experience interesting and memorable.

Through different sightings, you will have an otter showcasing its swimming tactics in the water as you continue with behind the scenes. After the experience, you will have lunch and relax a bit as your organizing for the next experience at Horizon hotel.  The drive from the zoo to Horizon hotel is just a 5 minute drive, upon arrival you’re welcomed by the staff and taken to the restaurant first before checking out the entire hotel, the hotel has a great strategic location suitable for all tourists from the airport and travelers. They offer excellent services with helpful, organized and clean staff.

1 day behind the scenes experience at Entebbe Zoo

The rooms are spacious, clean and have a large terrace with an exclusive view of Lake Victoria. The swimming pool is amazing, clean water with a supervisor helping out. They offer good food services like buffet having all kinds of food types, take away at the restaurant and the rooms are well equipped with amenities. After checking out all the rooms and prices, offer of bites and cup of black tea, after departure.

1 day behind the scenes experience at Entebbe Zoo Inclusions

  • 4×4 car and Fuel
  •  An English speaking Guide
  • Behind the scenes experience
  • Feeding animals
  •  Lunch
  • Water

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