How much does it cost to see gorillas in Rwanda

How much does cost to see gorillas in Rwanda, Rwanda is one of only three countries you can experience mountain gorillas and it is the world’s largest primate weighing up to 200kg and it is among the most endangered with a high population. Rwanda is a home to mountain gorillas which are over 900 found in the Virunga Mountains adding up to 1,200 in total estimated in 2023, in the rainforests of volcanoes national park.

How much does it cost to see gorillas in Rwanda

This mountain is a neighbor to other mountains namely; sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhavura which border Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Besides mountain gorillas, Rwanda also has the rare golden monkeys which are also found in the Virunga Mountains that can be tracked on a permit that is booked under a trusted tour company or from Rwanda offices. The mountains also have different primates like monkey species, with different bird species that may trap your eyes.

when you choose to hike these mountains gorillas in Rwanda

Tourist who are planning to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking, are advised to book the gorilla permits a month or earlier before the actual trekking day to avoid missing out due to unavailability of permits and you are advised to report with your permit in order to show that you qualify for trekking on the park offices.

When you choose to visit Rwanda, you are choosing the best experience of your life with forever memories, also giving you the unique experience compared to other places you have visited in Africa which will leave you with no regrets. When you involve in trekking gorillas in their natural habitat, it gives you a rare opportunity.

How much does it cost to see gorillas in Rwanda

with a global population of around 1,000 individuals which brings you close to eye on eye observation which is something you can claim the best experience. When you trek gorillas, it gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Rwanda which brings you beyond your expectations and when planning your safari, consider the financial aspect of gorilla trekking.

Cost of gorilla trekking in Rwanda

A permit is evidence that shows that a tourist qualifies to trek in Rwanda in that specific destination desired and it is acquired through the trusted tour operator or from the offices in Rwanda that are responsible for permits. The cost of the gorilla permit in Rwanda may vary depending on multiple factors inclusive of the time of visit and the specific tour operator you choose and on average, these cost of Rwanda gorilla tour permits range from $1,500 to $2,500 per person.

The prices include this golden ticket giving you a chance to access the gorillas’ domain, entrance fees to the parks with other additional services provided by your tour operator like transportation and accommodation.

how much does it cost to see gorillas in Rwanda

Trekking gorillas in Rwanda calls for tourists over 15 years to avoid carrying airborne diseases which is common in kids like; flue and cough which can easily affect gorillas and you should make reservations through your tour operator months in advance since permits tend to sell out quickly. Tourists who wish to book their gorilla permits independently or direct, are required to do so online through Rwanda development board website although it is easier when you book through a tour operator to avoid the stress and inconveniences that you may be taken through.

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