Budget gorilla trekking: All-inclusive affordable gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

Budget gorilla trekking: Gorilla trekking is a famous adventure you can participate in during an expedition in Uganda, Rwanda, or Congo. However, others may find that the costs for gorilla trekking to be costly due to a lack of essential data to assist them in planning their gorilla trip on a tight budget. When calculating your budget for a Gorilla trekking expedition, there are several aspects that you should take into consideration.

Budget gorilla trekking Uganda

Budget gorilla trekking in uganda, Uganda safari excursions are known to provide the most cost-effective opportunities for encountering gorillas among the three countries. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to 50% of the entire mountain gorilla population. You will have a multitude of options to select from. When it comes to lodging, Bwindi offers a wide selection of gorilla safari lodges that cater to all budgets, ranging from economic options to high-end luxury accommodations. You are guaranteed to find a convenient and affordable accommodation option for your trip. Tourists frequently feel disheartened by the lengthy 9-hour journey from Entebbe to South Western Uganda, which is why they often choose to have their experience in Rwanda instead. There is no need to be alarmed, as you can still assemble your group from Rwanda and reach Bwindi in just 4 hours. Alternatively, if you are able to allocate some funds for a prearranged flight, it will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend.

Budget gorilla trekking
7 days safari in Rwanda

Budget gorilla trekking Rwanda

Although Rwanda is known for its luxurious gorilla trekking experiences, it is still possible to visit the gorillas on a more affordable budget in the country. In addition to the permit price, it is possible to undertake day or two-long treks here. To minimize your expenses in Rwanda, it is advisable to choose a shorter duration of stay and choose for budget-friendly housing amenities. The sole drawback is that the $1500 permit charge for Rwanda is equivalent to the cost of a fully scheduled three-day budget gorilla safari in Uganda, with around $250 left over. The gorillas are identical, with the only variation being their surroundings. There are no affordable gorilla safaris available in Rwanda.

2 Days Budget Gorilla Safari Tour

Gorilla Safaris Rwanda

2 Days Budget Gorilla Safari Tour gives you an encounter with the Mountain Gorillas.

3 Days Budget Gorilla Trek Rwanda

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

3 Days Budget Gorilla Trek Rwanda takes you Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda at Budget.

3 Days Budget Bwindi Gorilla Trek

Bwindi Gorilla Trek

This 3 Days Budget Gorilla Trek takes you Gorilla trek at Bwindi Forest National Park.

4 Days Budget Gorilla Safari Tour

Gorilla Trekking Tours

4 Days Rwanda Double Gorilla Trekking tour gives you a chance to trek Gorillas twice.

5 Days Gorillas & Wildlife Tour

Gorilla & Wildlife Safaris

5 Days Gorilla & Wildlife Safari gives you  budget Gorilla Treks in Rwanda & Wildlife Safaris.

5 Days Budget Bwindi & Wildlife

Rwanda Primate Safaris

5 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Batwa Tour gives you Gorilla trekking and Wildlife Safari.

5 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Batwa

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

Trek the Gorillas of Rwanda and encounter the local Batwa People of Uganda in 5 Days.

5 Days Gorillas & Lake Bunyonyi Tour

Lake Bunyonyi & Gorilla Safari 5 Days Gorilla & Lake Bunyonyi Safari gives you encounters with Gorillas & Lake Bunyonyi.

Budget gorilla trekking Congo

Budget gorilla trekking in Congo: Currently, there is a growing popularity in opting for an affordable gorilla trip in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Tourists visit Rwanda and opt to embark on a hike in Virunga before departing from Rwanda. The cost of Congo gorilla permits is now the most affordable, with prices starting at about $450 per permit. Regarding housing, it is necessary to be aware that Virunga National Park offers exclusively luxurious safari lodges, which may be rather expensive, with prices ranging from $300 per night and more. In addition, Congo is an excellent choice for budget-conscious tourists seeking gorilla trekking opportunities.

affordable gorilla trekking

Best gorilla time  for budget gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo

The best time for budget  gorilla tracking It should be emphasized that mountain gorillas can be monitored throughout the year as their movements have not been impacted by seasonal variations. While we will be examining the advantages and disadvantages of going during a specific season of the year, it is advisable for tourists not to be excessively choosy about the month they choose for trekking. Based on our expertise, the optimal period for budget gorilla trekking is immediately following the conclusion of the rainy season, when the landscape remains lush and fruitful. Properly determining the correct timing is challenging due to the significant impact of global warming on African weather patterns, which hampers the ability to accurately forecast the onset and conclusion of the rainy and dry seasons. Ultimately, the tourist retains the ultimate authority to decide when to visit. Our role is to assist in identifying the benefits and drawbacks of visiting during each of the seasons.

Best to visit mountain gorillas in Uganda on budget

7 days safari in Rwanda

Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, like many other countries located near the equator, experience two distinct seasons: dry and wet. The dry season occurs from December to February and from June to September. There are benefits to going gorilla trekking during the dry season. Additionally, this period is optimal for engaging in animal safaris in Kenya’s Masai Mara, Tanzania’s Serengeti, and the several national parks in Uganda. Visitors have the convenient option to combine gorilla trekking with a safari to witness the wildebeest migration and explore the Murchison Falls or Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. Currently, the optimal conditions exist for capturing high-quality and distinct photographs of the countryside, physical characteristics, and mountain gorillas. This is due to the absence of any hindrances like as mist or overgrown vegetation.

The dry season has its drawbacks. Traveling during this period typically incurs higher costs. Acquiring gorilla permits can be challenging, and securing last-minute bookings for gorilla expeditions is a complex task. For individuals seeking a less challenging hike or the opportunity to be allocated a gorilla troop in close proximity, the dry season is not the most favorable time to visit. If you have a certain gorilla group in mind, it is advisable to make your trip reservation several months ahead to ensure availability, as they may already be assigned to other guests. Additionally, there are many who believe that engaging in gorilla trekking during the dry season prevents nature enthusiasts from appreciating the stunning African landscape during the rainy season. First-time visitors to these countries may develop a perception of Africa as being arid, but this is not necessarily true.



The best time for engaging in budget gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Mgahinga

The months of March to April and October to November are classified as rainy seasons, sometimes known as low seasons. The woodlands can become exceedingly muddy, rendering the task of tracking mountain gorillas increasingly arduous. Mud cannot be excluded even in the dry season because to the presence of mountain gorillas in rain forests, as rainfall can occur at any moment during the year. It is noteworthy that the rainfall patterns in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo differ from those in Europe or North America, as they do not persist over the entire day. The rain typically lasts for a duration of one to two hours before the sun reemerges, allowing the activity to continue unaffected by the weather conditions. Visitors are provided with rain coats to shield themselves while navigating through the rain. Inclement weather conditions, like as excessive rainfall, do not result in the cancellation of gorilla trekking activities. Interestingly, we are aware of clients who consider gorilla trekking during the rainy season to be more thrilling, despite the presence of rain and muck. Consider familiarizing yourself with the packing list for a safari in Uganda.

Budget gorilla safaris
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