Things to do in volcanoes national park

 Volcanoes National Park.

This is Rwanda most visited national park since it harbors endangered mountain gorillas. The park is nestled in north-western Rwanda and is just a 2 to 3 hour drive from Kigali International Airport. The park was mainly gazetted in 1925.  The parks nearness from Kigali’s international airport makes it the most accessible park in the world. You can spend a week in volcanoes national park while exploring the natural wonders in the park. Some of the tourism activities to be carried out in volcanoes national park include.

Activities at Volcanoes National Park

This is the main outstanding activity that various tourists carry out while in volcanoes national park.  Gorilla trekking mainly entails hiking through the dense forests in search for the endangered mountain gorillas.

Gorilla trekking is only carried out once in a day and it starts very early in the morning. Gorilla Trek opens up with a briefing at the park’s main headquarters. 

The briefing mainly includes the rules and regulations to follow while in the forest, which gorilla family to trek and many others. After the briefing, join a group of around 8 people to go and see the gorillas. Make sure you carry the trekking requirements, for example good hiking boots, insect repellent, rain jackets, long trousers to mention but a few.

When you are done with the briefing, you will have to go to the forest. As you a trekking you will be able to see a variety of monkey species such as the red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys then the birds, insects, trees. When you interact with the gorillas only 1 hour shall be given to you to spend with the gorillas. The one hour mainly includes taking photos for the gorillas, seeing how they eat and how they spend their time in the jungle.

Trekking gorillas in volcanoes national park is among those rewarding and thrilling activity to carry out since it completely gives incredible memories.

Things to do in volcanoes national park
Things to do in volcanoes national park

Golden monkey trekking.

There are a lot of tourism activities to carry out while in volcanoes national park. Golden monkeys are part of those wonderful creatures to take look at in the world.  Golden monkeys are also our related cousins because we share 98% with them.

Like any other activity golden monkey trekking opens up with a briefing. Golden monkey trekking is completely the same with gorilla tracking. In the jungle only one hour is offered for interaction. The one hour includes taking photos for the golden monkeys

However, tracking golden monkeys is very easy and simple since they have a bright golden color as they swing from tree branch to another.

Visiting Iby’iwacu cultural center.

Rwanda as a country is one of those blessed countries with rich cultures. Today different tourists while in Rwanda go and visit the gorilla guardian village in order to learn more about the cultures of Rwanda.

While in Ibyiwachu, you will be immersed into the incredible Rwandan cultures for example see the Rwandan troupes dancing, singing and also listening to the long-ago folk tales. The cultural village also gives tourists chances to look at the traditional materials like the drums, spears, and many others. Adding to that still you can pay a visit to Musanze caves which were the former places for the coronations of the kings of Rwanda.

Things to do in volcanoes national park
Things to do in volcanoes national park

Visit the tomb of Dian Fossey.

Diana Fossey was a great primatologist who all most spent his life looking after gorillas. She left a nice legacy that up to now different people crave to visit the forest.

Indeed, she played a big role in conserving mountain gorillas that, up to now, different tourists across the globe have come to Rwanda to visit her tomb.

 She also established the Karisoke research center where all her works are kept now.

 This research center is found between mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke. Hiking to this research center takes roughly 3 to 30mins. Hiking and getting more information about this primatologist will leave you with interesting memories about gorillas and also the need to conserve them.

Mount Bisoke hike.

Mount Bisoke is one of those extinct volcanoes that form part of the Virunga ranges. Mount Bisoke has a height of 3,711m. Hiking mount Bisoke is about 6 hours while experienced hikes only take 3 hours. Different attractions can be seen while hiking Mt Bisoke such as forest elephants, buffalos, golden monkeys and sometimes gorillas on a very lucky day. However, hiking on a lucky day is  also interesting since it gives you other experiences even at times you can ask for a picnic lunch at the summit.

Mount Muhabura hike.

This is another volcanic mountain that still tourists hike while in volcanoes national park. This is the third highest mountain with in the Virunga ranges.  The mountain is 4127 meters. This is a dormant volcano which is shared by Rwanda and Uganda. The name Muhabura refers to a sentinel in Kinyarwanda.

Hiking this volcanic mountain starts at the park headquarters then you embark on climbing the rugged hills.  You will be able to see birds, buffalos, and primates while climbing.

Mt karisimbi hike.

This is one of the Virunga Mountain ranges that is bordered by countries like Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. This is the eleventh highest mountain in Africa. The massive highland rises up to 4,507m.

Hiking this volcano usually takes 2 days and different tourists what to try out. While hiking you will be able to see the sweet fruits, see a variety of birds and also have a look at the magnificent views of the surroundings while at the top.

Things to do in volcanoes national park

Visiting the twin lakes.

This is another famous tourism activity carried out in volcanoes national park. The twin lakes are Ruhondo and Burera. This is an activity that tourists usually carry out after participating in major activities like gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking.

You can carry out a boat cruise at these lakes which will help you spot various bird species such as Red-faced woodland warbler, Ruwenzori Turaco, Strange weavers, king fishers, herons and many others. You will also have a breath of the fresh air spectacular views of the green vegetation. Furthermore, you can still visit the islands and also meet with the local people see them.

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