A guide on how many days one needs while in Rwanda.

How many days does one need in Rwanda? Different questions have been asked including how many days does one need to spend in Rwanda. To completely get an answer you must know the destinations to cover, the tourism activities to take part in, and also their costs. However different people interested in a long safari will definitely spend much time while in Rwanda. Adventuring, in the land of thousand hills and knowing the number of days to spend in is very essential.  This means you must plan well the activities you will carry out the destinations you will go to and then sit down with your tour operator (Active African vacations) and have a successful plan.


Despite being a small country, Rwanda harbors a lot of tourism attractions. To fully explore the wonders of Rwanda, you need a minimum of 1-2 weeks vacations. Here you will be able to explore a variety of destinations including Rwanda’s national park that is Volcanoes, Nyungwe and Akagera. Rwanda is termed as the land of a thousand hills because it has many countless rolling hills which catch your glance whenever you look around. Rwanda is situated in central Africa and borders a lot of countries that are Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and also democratic republic of Congo.  The country has a lot of attractions that can be spotted in to the country’s national parks.  Rwanda has 4 national parks that is to say Volcanoes national park, Akagera national park, Nyungwe national park and then Gishwati- Mukura national park

How much time can you spend for a safari in Rwanda?

Small yet remarkably varied Rwanda, the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” presents a rich tapestry of experiences for visitors. Rwanda enthralls guests with its unique mix of natural beauty and cultural depth, from its lush, rolling scenery and vivid animals to its moving past and friendly people. To completely enjoy all Rwanda has to offer, though, how much time should you set out on a trip are the questions you should always consider before embarking on your journey for the trip.


The time to spend on a Rwandan safari usually depends on one’s interest/choice and amount of money available. For those who may only need to only visit volcanoes National Park can usually take 3 to 4 days depending on your plan for the safari, though you can carry out some of the main tourism activities within the park.

Volcanoes national park has got a number of interesting activities from which you can choose from while on the safari and among those you can carry out include gorilla trekking as the main activity, visiting the Ibyiwacu cultural village, golden monkey trekking, birding and so many others.

The other primate park is the Nyungwe national park which is well known for chimpanzees. While in the park, you can also get to see some other primates such as the baboons and birds. Additionally, you will also get to take a canopy walk which will give you a memorable safari. For Akagera national park, you can spend 3 to 5 days depending on what you wish, your plans and then the days you need. We always give much time to Akagera national park because we have a lot to see there compared to the other parks in Rwanda. While in the park, you can choose to do a number of activities such as game drives where you will see a number animals including the big five.

What a 10 days Rwanda trip may entail?

The 10 days Rwanda trip is very suitable for people who are going to spend many days on a safari and need to explore Rwanda massively. This means you will have to visit the three national parks of Rwanda and also carry out a city tour. Your trip commences from Kigali Rwanda’s capital and you will cover different places such as genocide memorial centers, craft centers, art galleries, the museum and many others. From Kigali you will then go and visit Akagera National Park where you will engage with the big 5 animals on a game drive.  You can still do a boat cruise and very many others.

Then later proceed to Nyungwe forest national park where you will carry out many activities such as chimpanzee trekking, canopy walks, birding, camping and many others. From the eye catching Nyungwe forest national park, then proceed to the home of the majestic great apes volcanoes national park. Here you will go gorilla trekking and meet with your related cousins. You can also still do golden monkey trekking and all other activities

 1 Day Budget Rwanda Gorilla Trek takes  you Budget Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda at (US $1800 per person) 2023.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari starts at Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. (Affordable) 2 Days Rwanda

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3 Days Budget Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour takes you Budget Gorilla Trekking Tour in Rwanda 2023 at Volcanoes

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6 Days Chimpanzee and Gorilla Tour offers you Chimpanzee Tracking Tours in Nyungwe and Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda Gorilla Tour

7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour & Wildlife Safari, trek Gorillas & watch wildlife Rwanda at Volcanoes National Park.

8 Days Budget Rwanda Uganda Mountain Gorilla Tour takes you Gorilla Trekking at Volcanoes National Park.

9 Days Gorillas, Wildlife and Chimpanzee Tour takes you on an ultimate safari Adventure in Rwanda.

Tips for planning a trip to Rwanda.

Here are some travel tips you should consider before planning a trip in the land of a thousand hills. Some of the tips include:

What to pack? Travelers visiting Rwanda should know what to pack, but this depends on which tourism activity to encounter in. For instance, for activities like gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking and chimpanzee trekking. Here you need to carry the necessary requirements for example good hiking shoes, insect repellents, rain jackets, binoculars, cameras, long clothing and many others.

Key interests. (Tourism activities). While you are planning to take a trip in Rwanda you must know which tourism activities to engage in. It may be game drive, gorilla trekking, or boat cruise so you should plan well and know the relevant amounts of money to pay for each item.


When to visit. Make sure you know the best time to visit since you have a particular activity you are going to encounter in to. The year comprises of two seasons that is the dry and wet season.  The best time for visiting is during the dry season because many tourism activities are carried out easily. In the dry season, the parks are not muddy, the vegetations are lush, and transportation from one place to another is very easy.

Safety of the places. Before organizing a trip to Rwanda, make sure you have done various research about the places to visit and know their safety before travelling. This is one of the key factors to consider while visiting any destination.

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