Filming safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

Filming Safaris: Active Africa Vacations is an organization that specializes in filming safaris in Uganda Rwanda, congo and the whole of Africa at large. We thoroughly explore every part of Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa, to ensure that you find the perfect filming sites for your shoot or production. Due to our extensive experience operating in Uganda for many years, we have successfully aided production companies in finding suitable filming sites. Are you seeking filming safari locations for the purpose of shooting gorillas and wildlife documentaries? Additionally, are you interested in capturing the people and culture of Uganda? Upon completion of our investigation and location scouting, we will promptly proceed with making all necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Filming Safaris in Uganda (Mountain Gorilla Filming in Uganda)

One can film gorillas in Uganda at Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Prior to filming Gorillas in Uganda, any foreign media group, firm, or individual must obtain all necessary filming permits and clearances.

Initially, it is required for all crew members to submit an application for a Press Card, often known as Press Accreditation or the Media card. The Uganda Media Council is responsible for handling all press accreditation in Uganda. We will now guide you through the process.

If you want to film gorillas in Bwindi Forest National Park, which is a protected region, you need to obtain permission from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). UWA is an organization authorized by the Ugandan government to supervise all filming safari activities in the country’s national parks.

Filming safaris

Obtain Filming permit. 


Requesting Press Accreditation or Media card in Uganda.
As previously stated, the responsibility for all press accreditation in Uganda lies with the Uganda Media Council. Press Accreditation requires completion of the Mandatory Form G. Please click here to download the form. Please ensure that you include scanned copies of your passport’s biographical page and a recent passport-sized photo when submitting this form. These documents are necessary for the production of your Media card (Press accreditation).Our processing period for your media card is typically 02-03 working days after we have received all the required documents indicated above.

In addition to the properly completed FORM G’s for each crew member, the team leader must provide us with a comprehensive writing or description of the film that is planned to be shoot in Uganda.

Once all the aforementioned documents are submitted, our team leader for Uganda Film Crew Fixer Services will proceed to submit them to the Uganda Media Council for approval. Once your request is approved, we will promptly reach out to you to notify you of this accomplishment. Payments if press accreditation costs in Uganda should be made to the Uganda Media council 

The journalist is required to pay a fee of US$175 per person for a maximum duration of 30 days during their visit.
A fee of US$225 per individual is required for stays exceeding 30 days but not exceeding six months.
The payment of US$325 per person is required for a duration of two years.

The text is enclosed in tags. The aforementioned fees are fixed and subject to modification by the Uganda Media Council without prior consultation. Consequently, we would like to emphasize that you should regard these as a set of instructions.


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Once the media credentials are secured, we will proceed to obtain permission from UWA to conduct Gorilla Filming in Uganda. Currently, it is imperative that we provide precise details if our intention is to capture footage of Gorillas in either Bwindi Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. (Refer to: Comparison between Gorilla Filming in Bwindi Forest and Maghinga)

Permits required for photographing gorillas in Uganda

Filming safaris in uganda

Once you have obtained press accreditation for every individual or crew member, the next authorization to be concerned about is a location permit. If Bwindi Forest National Park is your chosen choice, we must then get in touch with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the governmental body responsible for managing parks in Uganda. The University of Western Australia (UWA) imposes a filming cost of 40% of the activity you wish to film, in addition to a 10% monitoring fee. Both prices must be paid directly to UWA and are subject to potential changes over time


UWA will create a filming agreement for you if you meet all the necessary parameters listed below. Once the agreement is drafted, you will sign it to confirm your acceptance of the terms stated within. Active African Vacations will provide comprehensive assistance throughout these processes till the very end – it is our area of expertise.


Active African Vacation maintains a longstanding and positive professional connection with the majority of hotels, lodges, and inns in the destinations we arrange. Consequently, we are well-equipped to not only suggest but also get the most favorable rates and arrange housing for your film team, if necessary.

Transportation: Active African vacations possess a fleet of very dependable and specifically designed cars for the purpose of filming. From open-air jeeps to rudimentary enclosed vehicles, including purpose-built equipment transporters. We have the capability to coordinate the transportation of both your workers and equipment.


Filming safaris in Rwanda

Filming Crew Security:

Our Filming Security Services are specifically tailored to ensure the safety and protection of your filming location, as well as the individuals and equipment involved in the production. Location shooting presents distinct hazards and dangers. To address this, we develop patrol schedules, strategically position guards, and assign post-order responsibilities. Our aim is to enhance surveillance and reduce the chances of theft, trespassing, vandalism, disturbances, and any other undesirable incidents.

Rwanda gorilla filming safaris

Are you interested in filming gorilla safaris in Volcanoes National Park? Rwanda is among the three nations where experience with mountain gorillas is possible. The exclusive habitat for these huge primates is the Volcanoes National Park, situated in the northwestern part of Rwanda, accessible by a 2-3 hour drive. The national park has approximately 250 mountain gorillas, divided into 10 habituated families.

The opportunity to filming gorillas in their natural habitat is an exhilarating and rare event that few individuals have had the chance to encounter. This unique interaction can only take place in the wild, as mountain gorillas are not able to thrive in captivity for extended periods of time. Prior to engaging in mountain gorilla filming in Rwanda, tourists are required to file a formal request to the Rwanda Development Board approximately 3-4 months in advance. Additionally, they must complete the necessary documents before commencing gorilla filming.

When preparing to shoot gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, the filming team must pay a special charge specifically for gorilla filming. This fee amounts to $12000 and covers a maximum of 8 individuals. It is noteworthy that each gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda carries a price tag of $1500, and the number of individuals permitted to hike a gorilla family is limited to 8.

Rwanda offers permission Volcanoes National Park to film gorillas at Volcanoes National Park.
The cost of gorilla filming permits in Rwanda is $5000 per group, with a refundable security deposit of $2000. The security deposit will only be returned if you provide 2 copies of CDs to the Rwanda Development Board. The duration of this gorilla filming permit is limited to one day, and each member of the crew is responsible for paying their own trekking permits individually.

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Where can one acquire licenses for filming gorillas in Rwanda?

gorilla Filming safaris

To obtain gorilla trekking permits, you can make a reservation either through the Rwanda Development Board or a reputable tour operator. It is recommended that you make a reservation at least 3-4 months prior to your arrival in the country, particularly if you plan to go trekking during the dry season, in order to prevent any trouble. Please note that gorilla permits are only available for individuals aged 15 and above. Additionally, anybody who has infectious ailments like as flu, cough, or diarrhea on the day of filming will not be permitted to participate in the trek.

Essential items for filming gorillas in Rwanda

Similar to gorilla trekking, gorilla filming necessitates tourists to bring additional batteries, a waterproof bag for camera protection in case of rain, an ample supply of drinking water, nourishing snacks, insect repellents, sturdy waterproof hiking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, gardening gloves, sanitizer, a face mask, long-sleeved attire, and various other items. In order to accommodate the constant movement of mountain gorillas, it is advisable to engage the services of a porter who can transport your belongings at a reasonable cost.

Essential items for filming gorillas in Rwanda

Similar to gorilla trekking, gorilla filming necessitates tourists to bring additional batteries, a waterproof bag for camera protection in case of rain, an ample supply of drinking water, nourishing snacks, insect repellents, sturdy waterproof hiking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, gardening gloves, sanitizer, a face mask, long-sleeved attire, and various other items. In order to accommodate the constant movement of mountain gorillas, it is advisable to engage the services of a porter who can transport your belongings at a reasonable cost.

In addition to gorilla filming, travelers have the opportunity to engage in gorilla trekking at the volcanoes national park situated in the northwestern region of Rwanda. The price for each gorilla trekking permit is $1500 per person each trek. It is advisable to make a reservation 3-4 months in advance, particularly during the busy season, to prevent any potential letdowns.

The Rwanda Volcanoes National Park provides a highly opulent hiking experience because to its close proximity to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, with a drive time of approximately 2-3 hours. The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is home to 10 gorilla families that have been accustomed to human presence and are available for tourism throughout the year.

Perfect time for filming of mountain gorillas in Rwanda

Filming the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, is possible throughout the year. However, the most suitable period for filming depends on the desired conditions. For instance, if one wishes to capture gorillas amidst mist, it is advisable to visit during the rainy season, which occurs from March to May and October to November. On the other hand, for clearer lighting, it is recommended to visit during the dry season, typically from June to September and December to February.

What are the recommended accommodations in Volcanoes National Park for filming gorilla safaris in Rwanda?

Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is encompassed by numerous lodging establishments situated on the periphery of the park. Available accommodations range from budget to midrange and luxury facilities. Therefore, your choice of accommodation will rely on your preferences and, maybe, your budget. The top-rated lodging options in and near Volcanoes National Park comprise Sabinyo Silverback, Bisate Lodge, Virunga Volcanoes Lodge, and Mountain Gorillas’ Nest Lodge. These hotel facilities are of exceptional quality, providing excellent service and offering VIP accommodation with top-notch room service. They also offer a wide range of beverages, including both non-alcoholic and alcoholic options.

Additional lodges in the intermediate category include Davic Lodge, Mountain gorilla view Lodge, and Lebambou Gorilla Lodge, all offering the most competitive rates. The existence of an intermediate-level lodge suggests that there are numerous alternatives available for those seeking to encounter mountain gorillas. Additionally, there are affordable lodging options available for budget-conscious guests, such as Home Inn, Faraji Hotel, Virunga Hotel, Kinigi Hotel, and La Palme, among others. It is advisable to reserve lodging that is in close proximity to the park, allowing you to easily reach the park headquarters by 7:00 am for a briefing session before beginning your gorilla trekking expedition.

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