Silverback gorillas, weights, strength, (male gorillas)all you need to know

Silverback gorillas, Mountain gorillas are a subspecies of the Eastern gorillas and just like humans, these mountain gorillas live in families of about 10 to 30 headed by a silverback. These families may have many silverbacks but it’s the only one that is dominant and is responsible for protecting and leading them. A silverback isn’t another gorilla species but rather a fully grown adult male gorilla.  Gorillas become silverbacks between the ages of 12 to 13 years. This is because it is at this age that hair down their back and across their shoulders becomes grayish.

These mountain gorillas are referred to as silverbacks because of the grayish hair around their back and shoulder and this hair appears with age just like gray hair in humans except among gorillas it only happens to the male gorillas. A male gorilla that is too old to be a juvenile and too young to be a silverback is referred to as the blackback. They are called so because the silver saddle will only occur at the age of 12 years.

Silverback gorillas are much larger than the females with a larger head and body, silverback gorilla weights up to 270 kgs and stand 5 feet tall. These majestic gentle giant creatures are(silverback gorilla strength) known for their immense strength and gentle nature. They are very strong and lift over 1763 pounds (800kg) of dead weight

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Silverback gorillas

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