Rwanda family trip with kids

Rwanda family trips with kids,  Rwanda offers a variety of tourism activities suitable for both adults and children, except for gorilla and chimp trekking, which requires a minimum age of 15 years. Activities include game drives, boat cruises on Lake Kivu, natural walks, city tours of Kigali, and museums.
Rwanda offers Rwanda family trip with kids. Accommodation includes cottages and rooms with extra beds, for a comfortable safari experience.
Popular accommodations in Rwanda include 5 Volcanoes, Kinigi, One and Only Gorilla Nest, Davinci Gorilla Lodge, Ingagi Parkview Lodge, and Virunga Inn Resort. These establishments provide exceptional services and amenities to make you feel at home during your Rwanda family trip with kids.
For a more pleasant safari experience, choose a guided safari that includes a driver, gasoline, and pre-booked accommodations, as well as the best safari vehicles.

Activities to do during Rwanda family trips with kids (things to do in Rwanda with kids)

Rwanda family trip with kids

Rwanda offers a variety of tourist activities for both children and adults, including

Visit Akagera National Park

During Rwanda family trips with kids, visit Akagera National Park, Rwanda’s largest, which offers wildlife experiences for families, including lions, elephants, and zebras, as well as boat tours to spot hippos and crocodiles in the lakes. Children will like the sound of

The engine and waters bring the animals seen in television documentaries into reality.

Visit the caverns.

The Musanze caves, located near Volcanoes National Park, provide an unforgettable underground experience with tiny corridors and unusual geological features.

To navigate these dark tunnels, light sources such as torches are necessary, making it an enjoyable experience for children.

Take a cultural tour. Rwanda’s colourful culture exposes children to local traditions and customs through cultural centres where they can participate in dance performances, crafts, and sample native cuisine.

Enjoy the canopy walk. 

Nyungwe National Park has the only canopy walk in East Africa, allowing visitors to stroll on a bridge hung high above the forest canopy and enjoy breathtaking views of the wildlife. The bridge offers a thrilling sensation of walking between spaces under a canopy, making it fun and exciting for children.

Explore Lake Kivu.

Lake Kivu is a stunning and charming site that offers boat tours to picturesque islands. Kivu offers swimming and fishing activities in neighbouring villages utilising traditional methods.

Take a Kigali city tour.

Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city, offers a range of attractions, including museums, hotels, local restaurants, and street cuisine. Taking your children on a city tour exposes them to new experiences, including distinct food and cuisines. This city is constantly active, with numerous people going around.


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