kigali city day tour  

kigali city day tour  will take you to Kigali Genocide Memorial, Belgian Memorial Camp Kigali, and the busiest town with a busy market called Kimironko Market. With the Kigali Genocide Memorial, you will watch and listen to the sad stories of the different Tutsi families that lost their loved ones during the Genocide. The Belgian Memorial Camp comprises the history of 10 commandos who were brutally killed because of false accusations.

Itinerary overview of kigali city day tour 

  • -Pick up from Kigali
  • -Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial
  • -Visit Belgian Memorial Camp Kigali
  • -Visit Kimironko Market
  • -Transfer back to Kigali

Detailed itinerary of kigali city day tour 

After having your breakfast, a driver guide will pick you up and take you through the cleanest city of Kigali straight to the Kigali Genocide Memorial to have a tour around the museum. The memorial site consists of different documents, photos and testimonies of the Tutsi people with their families. Some survivors of the 1994 Genocide explain how everything happened and how their families made sure they survived the killing. After the visit you continue to the Belgian Memorial camp, the Belgian camp is comprised of the 10 martyrs who were brutally murdered, the walls show the number of bullets they used to kill the Belgian commandos. After the visit tourists have lunch then continue to the local market.

The local Kimironko market is the busiest market in town of Kigali, Saturdays and Mondays being the busiest days of the week. The Kimironko market is known for being the most vibrant and unusual market place in Kigali. This vibrant market is set in a sprawling ware house with 4 equalized entrances. They sell different products like clothing, art and crafts, fabrics, shoes, fruits and vegetables, and general household necessities. Tourists get a chance of shopping for the different necessities they need and see the beautiful art pieces from the different countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. After the visit, the driver guide takes you back to Kigali this marks the end of Kigali city day tour. 


  • Lunch
  • Transport and guide
  • Water
  • Entrances


  • Donations
  • Tips
  • Art and crafts
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