How strong is a gorilla (gorilla strength)

How strong is a gorilla, the question of the strength of a gorilla is a point of curiosity for many tourists planning a gorilla trekking safari to East or Central Africa. This is usually asked because of visitors’ curiosity about what it would be like if they had an aggressive encounter with these huge and magnificent creatures. This is an unusual occurrence though since as a result of habituation, most of the times mountain gorillas do not show their strength aggressively but rather are gentle and calm unless are provoked and given a feeling of insecurity.

Gorillas are the world’s largest and strongest primates and are among the strongest animals on earth. This is partly attributed to the fact that gorillas have stronger arms than legs and their hands support most of their body weight making their arms built and strong. The strength of a gorilla is estimated to be about 10 times their body weight and it can lift 27 times its full body weight. A fully grown silverback is the strongest gorilla, and its strength matches up to more than 20 adult humans combined. A random silverback (adult male) can lift 4000 lb.(1810kg) on a bench press while a well-trained man can only lift at most 885lb.

Gorillas are particularly stronger than any adult human and the strength of one silverback gorilla compares to that of 8 healthy adult male humans with a fully grown adult male gorilla (Silverback) being the paragon of strength among the gorillas and is over 5 feet tall, weighs over 450 pounds, and can lift a load of 1700 pounds(800kg).


Silverback gorillas

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