Kwita Izina Ceremony Rwanda 2023 (Name A Gorilla in Rwanda)

kwita Izina Ceremony Rwanda 2023, Name a Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda 2023 at the Kwita Izina Ceremony. kwita Izina Ceremony Rwanda 2023 is your Best Rwanda Safari as you Name a Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda.

It is a wonderful think to be called by name, if you met a  stranger  somewhere say in the wild during a gorilla trek and mingle with them for a short time  then part ways and you meet them again at the airport as you wait for your flight and this person still remembers your name would be a great feeling. A name is an identity of who we are and so just like the gorillas they too are called by name.

You have heard of the Susa, Amahoro, Pablo and so many other families within  the gorilla group , and like any other naming culture in the african setting, a special ceremony is held in Rwanda for this cause. Kwita izina is name of the special ceremony of naming baby gorillas whose major aim was to create awareness of conservation for the biggest primates the gorillas

Kwita izina is a Kinyarwanda word that means giving a name it is a Rwanda tradition where the community members all gather together to name a new baby in the born in that family, this has been appreciated in the gorilla groups as well to give them a sense of belonging over the last 16years , Rwanda has over 320 gorillas since 2005 when the ceremony  started was initiated.

The kwita izina ceremony is  an annual event that is held in in volcanoes national park in Kinigi village in the province of Musanze  with a special ceremonial group for this event  located  hands throw away from the park offices. It is on this occasion that all new born babies to the gorillas are welcomed into the world.

The Ceremony entails a lot of activities, which include, photo exhibition, awarding of medals to the Dian Fossey foundation, cultural dances entertainment and several other activities it is usually graced by the presence of Rwandan president though at times by one of the government representatives.

Every year a lot of distinguished and special guests are invited from all over the world to name the baby gorillas given birth since the last ceremony of last year in September. The names are given after Rwanda  was a former arsenal player, mafikizolo a prominent south African musician, Dr Olusegun Obasanjo former Nigerian president and many other people, some are named after the local Kinyarwanda name.

One of the exciting activities during the ceremony is the beautiful Kinyarwanda traditional dance by the locals seeing them twist their hand and jumping all uniformly is very fascinating to watch the drama and different skits that are acted including the gorilla dance are unforgettable memories. You could be wondering if the baby gorillas are brought and baptized a given name well, this is the reason you should not miss this very great annual event come this 17th year since its inception.

Kwita izina ceremony is also held in commemoration and celebration of the world gorilla day which is also the day that was established by Dian Fossey Karisoke research centre in 1967. On this day the world at large is encouraged in the participation of the conservation of gorillas that are in the wild, thou these species are endangered, they are also greatly increasing in numbers thanks to such programs.

One of the main objectives for this ceremony is to encourage and thank the communities around the gorilla , the rangers, the trackers conservationists , vet doctors and many others who have put the dedication and time for the well being of these gorillas in the their habitat. The kwita izina ceremony also aims at monitoring each individual gorilla in its group just to make sure they are not lost.

The kwita izina ceremony is here again happening in September am sure it is an event that  every tourist would love to attend, alongside a primate safari of gorilla or golden monkey trekking one can combine it and hit two birds or even more with one stone.

The land of a thousand hills is beautifully blessed with not only friendly and welcoming people who entertain different visitors from all the world on this day Not forgetting that the ceremonial grounds of this event is carried out in the plains of the Virunga ranges  being Mgahinga, muhavura, Sabinyo, Bisoke, Karisimbi , and you can also spot the peaks in Congo the place gives a very beautiful scenery of different canopies at different altitudes. Don’t miss out on this years kwita izina ceremony as there will be so much fun that words can’t describe perfectly.