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Safari in Rwanda, Rwanda   is renowned for its exceptional hospitality and is considered one of the most inviting nations in the world. The local residents are really hospitable and tranquil. During  a Safari in Rwanda,  Rwanda safari, or Rwanda gorilla trekking, tourists receive unique and exclusive care in several ways. The road networks in Rwanda’s safari parks is superior to those found in any other East African national park. The road surfaces are consistently even and properly cared for. The country’s compactness is advantageous for many tourists since it facilitates seamless connectivity between different regions. Volcanoes National Park, which is the habitat of Rwanda’s gorillas, is located a mere two-hour drive from Kigali. This is a duration that is six hours less than the time it takes to go from Entebbe to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. Close proximity has enabled the execution of one-day gorilla excursions as well as two-day gorilla excursions. If you have the financial means to cover the cost of the $1500 fee for Rwanda gorilla permits, it would be advisable for you to contemplate embarking on a trek from Volcanoes National Park.

Why go on safari in Rwanda

For the safari in Rwanda,  trekking mountain gorillas are the predominant safari activity in Rwanda. The Rwanda gorillas inhabit the Volcanoes National Park, located in the northern region of the country. To gain access to see these primates, it is necessary for you to acquire a gorilla permit. Each permit is priced at $1500 and is sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The wildlife viewing in this area is amazing as well.

Rwanda is one of the few African nations that have the big five game animals. The presence of these creatures is observed inside the confines of Akagera National Park, situated in the eastern province of Rwanda. Nyungwe Forest National Park is located in the southern region and is known for being the largest montane forest in East Africa. Nyungwe Forest is an excellent location in Rwanda for engaging in chimpanzee trekking. Honeymooners can find solace and delight in the awe-inspiring vistas of Lake Kivu, which have the power to induce relaxation and enhance the enjoyment of every moment.

Best time to on safari in Rwanda

Determining the best time to go on safari in Rwanda,  visit a specific destination is a crucial aspect of trip planning. The best time to go on a safari in Rwanda is from June to August and from December to January. During these months, you will witness the spectacle of wildlife congregating in massive herds, which is not typically observed during colder months. These months are quite competitive, thus it is necessary to book in advance. Traveling during the rainy season can still be manageable, but it is entirely dependent on the luck of the day. You can still embark on your safari during the rainy season without experiencing any precipitation. Nevertheless, in the event of unfavorable weather conditions, there is a possibility of continuous light rain throughout the day, which may adversely affect your planned activities.

Rwanda’s Gorilla Tourism
Gorilla tourism is the predominant safari activity in Rwanda. This is the most compelling reason to visit. wildlife safari in Rwanda, Rwanda is  not an ideal place for game viewing, despite the presence of the big five game animals in Akagera National Park. It is a valuable resource for observing primates and engaging in mountaineering activities. Contact us immediately to inquire about our exceptional Rwanda safari package.

Top Rwanda safari packages

14 Days Safari in Rwanda

14 Days Safari in Rwanda offers an extensive itinerary for exploring Kigali and visiting Rwanda’s top primate attractions, including Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe National Park. 

2 Days Hiking Mount Bisoke safari

2 Days Hiking Mount Bisoke safari, on one of the park’s five Virunga volcanoes, begins and wraps up in Kigali, Rwanda. The 2 Days Hiking Mount Bisoke safari, your driver will transport you to Volcanoes National Park

14 Days Safari in Rwanda

14 Days Safari in Rwanda offers an extensive itinerary for exploring Kigali and visiting Rwanda’s top primate attractions, including Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe National Park. 

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