Budget gorilla trekking (very cheap gorilla safaris)

Budget gorilla trekking: do you want to spend an affordable cost on amazing gorilla trekking? We provide excellent, cheap Rwanda  safaris  offers  budget gorilla trekking packages with luxurious accommodation. The majority of people mistake budget gorilla safaris for affordable gorilla trekking tours; however, these two phrases have distinct meanings. While trekking on a tight budget on gorilla  trekking safari tours, you can still guarantee incredibly pleasant facilities like hotels and cars, but for a much higher budget gorilla trekking safari cost, going cheap can mean settling for the cheapest facilities or worse camping. With extremely welcoming safari lodges and amenities, cheap Rwanda safaris  provide guests with some of the most budget gorilla trekking tour packages. These lodges have consented to provide us with their services at steeply reduced prices. 

We will provide you with these same private rates at no extra charge. On Budget gorilla trekking, in terms of transportation, we use our own fleet of tour cars for all of our budget gorilla trekking safaris and tours and don’t charge a lot for them. Having implemented numerous cost-cutting initiatives, we can only provide competitive pricing for your upcoming gorilla trekking safaris. Check out some of our budget gorilla trekking tour packages below and send us an email at, and we will respond as soon as we can with an estimate.

Budget gorilla trekking packages

10 Days budget Rwanda primates and wildlife safari

 10 Days budget Rwanda primates and wildlife safari This 10-day/9-night Rwanda primate tour and wildlife safari is an ideal package for those with a keen interest in exploring monkeys and animals in Rwanda.

 Gorilla Trekking from South Africa

Perfect 5 Days budget gorilla trekking at Volcanoes and Lake Kivu

The 5 Days budget gorilla trekking at Volcanoes and Lake Kivu focuses on a thrilling mountain gorilla trekking experience in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, followed by a leisurely visit to Lake Kivu. 

Budget gorilla trekking

5 Days budget Rwanda Gorillas & Wildlife Safari

Shortest Rwanda safaris

4 Days budget Gorillas, Golden Monkeys & Dian Fossey Tour: Embark on a remarkable 4-day budget Rwanda  gorilla safari, where you will get the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring gorillas, golden monkeys, and explore the legacy of Dian Fossey

Budget gorilla trekking

3 Days Affordable Rwanda Gorilla Trekking & golden monkey tour

3 Days Affordable Rwanda Gorilla Trekking & golden monkey tour: Experience an unforgettable African mountain gorilla trekking adventure with our cheap 3 Days Affordable Rwanda Gorilla Trekking & golden monkey tour, which comes highly recommended

Budget gorilla trekking

3 days cheap Rwanda gorilla and golden monkey safari

2 Days very affodable Rwanda Gorilla trekking tour

2 Days very affodable Rwanda Gorilla trekking tour is a brief and concise budget Rwanda Safari Package that allows travelers to schedule a trip to Volcanoes National Park for gorilla trekking. This 2 day Rwanda Gorilla trekking expedition takes place exclusively in Volcanoes National Park

Budget gorilla trekking

1 Day very cheap Gorilla trekking Safari Tour in Rwanda

Budget gorilla trekking

12 Days budget gorilla trekking & wildlife Uganda safari tours

Even with their cozy amenities, the aforementioned  budget tour packages are incredibly cheap. Please be aware that the cost of gorilla permits is unaffected by our reductions. The normal permit charge is still $1500, $800, and $400 for budget  gorilla  trekking safaris tours in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Congo, accordingly. Since these licenses are sold on a first come, first served basis, it is best to obtain them a few months in advance to secure your travel dates.

Budget Gorilla Trekking in Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda

As can be seen above, Rwanda has no preference whatsoever for Affordable gorilla safaris. The $1500 permit fee is somewhat exorbitant. A great place to trek gorillas in luxury is Rwanda. You can still finance your Rwanda safari vacations even with very expensive permits if you choose budget accommodation and services. Uganda and the Congo make up the top sites for cheap gorilla trekking tours. You can stillb   gather your entourage in Rwanda, travel from these nations to your destination, and leave Rwanda behind. There will also be savings on lodging and other services if you travel during off-peak times. March through May and October through November are these months. The possibility of rain is the sole drawback.

When Is Best to  go on budget Gorilla Trekking?

Since mountain gorillas are traveled year-round, there is no one the best time to go on budget  gorilla trekking; yet, knowing when to go is incredibly beneficial because each season has significant advantages as well as disadvantages of its own.

The two rainy seasons in Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park) and Uganda allow for a specific best time to go budget gorilla trekking. The shorter one occurs in October and November, while the longer one lasts from the middle of March to May. The remainder of the month is primarily dry season.

Budget gorilla trekking uganda ( affordable uganda gorilla trekking tour )

Budget gorilla trekking Uganda , affordable Gorilla Safaris at rates as low as $1,080 USD. Travelers looking for high-quality but cheap gorilla trekking expeditions can choose from these affordable gorilla trekking packages. A typical Uganda budget gorilla safari consists of one day of budget gorilla trekking, two days of budget gorilla touring, and three days of budget gorilla tour, with the option to start in Kigali, Kabale, Kisoro, or Entebbe. These tours often require brief stays and, if necessary, sleep in cheap accommodations. In addition, the Budget Gorilla safaris can be accompanied by other wildlife and adventure activities, including cultural excursions, white water rafting, beach stays, and game park safaris.

Our budget gorilla trekking uganda is custom-designed and private, meaning you’ll travel in luxury vans or standard land cruisers with a personal driver/guide, sleep in comfortable, spotless lodging with a three-course dinner menu, and have warm water for showers.

What to consider when organizing Budget gorilla trekking uganda

Accommodation type

best gorilla trekking tours: Always go for simple yet well-maintained lodging that will keep you safe and comfy. We at cheap Rwanda safaris  arrange for you to stay at a low-cost lodge that offers three-course meal options and hot water for showers.

The Mode of Transportation

To guarantee your comfort and safety, Cheap Rwanda  safaris  arranges for a private means of transportation for you in a van or a regular Landcruiser with a dedicated driver. Alternatively, you may decide to get to the gorillas by a bus or cab, but this is extremely dangerous for you as a foreign visitor to the nation with limited local understanding.

Gorilla walking safaris  in Volcanoes National Park

City or Airport of Arrival and Departure

We recommend that overseas travelers fly into Kigali overseas airport in Rwanda to reduce travel expenses and associated stress. In order to skip the 10-hour road trip from Entebbe to Bwindi, we will transport you from here on a 4-hour road trip via the Katuna/Chanika Border to the gorillas in Bwindi or Maghinga National Parks in Uganda. Your ideal starting and finishing locations for your quick Budget Uganda Gorilla Safari should be Kigali City.

Group Journey

When you travel alone, you are responsible for covering all of the trip’s expenses. However, when you travel in a small group, you can split expenses like lodging with your other travelers, which can result in lower overall expenditure.

The Length of Stay for the Journey

You can never spend less on a longer Gorilla Safari than you would on a shorter one, no matter how much you may need to save. Spending increases with the length of time spent traveling. To help you avoid going over budget, we at cheap Rwanda  safari advise staying between two and four days on your budget  gorilla tour in Uganda. You can even take a one-day excursion to see the gorillas if you are already in Kabale/Kisoro Towns in Uganda, or Kigali City or Musanze City in Rwanda.

Top budget Uganda gorilla trekking packages

Budget gorilla trekking

1 Day Uganda Budget Gorilla Tour from Kabale or Kisoro

Budget gorilla trekking

2 Day Uganda Budget Gorilla Tour from Kigali, Kabale or Kisoro

Budget gorilla trekking

3 Day Uganda Budget Gorilla Tour from Kigali

Budget gorilla trekking

4 Days Uganda Double Gorilla Trekking Tour

Budget gorilla trekking

5 Days budget Uganda Gorillas and Chimpanzee Tracking Tour

Budget gorilla trekking

5 Days budget Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking safari

Budget gorilla trekking

8 Days cheap Gorillas trekking tour, Wildlife & Chimps safari

Budget gorilla trekking

4 Days budget Uganda Gorilla Safari to Bwindi Forest

Budget gorilla trekking

7 Days Cheap Uganda Primates Safari and Tour

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