4-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition

Experience a 4-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition: This Safari offers exceptional opportunities to observe gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and engage in community or guided forest walks for birding and primate viewing in the fascinating country of Rwanda

4-Day Rwanda Gorilla and Nature Tour
Day-by-Day Itinerary for a 4-Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek

Below is a comprehensive day-by-day itinerary for a 4-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition. This package is designed to provide you with the most exceptional experience of Rwanda’s gorillas and its natural surroundings. Examine it diligently and ask a quotation if you choose to make a reservation.

Day 1: Arrival in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda

Day 1 of 4-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition, Upon your morning arrival or after spending a night in Kigali, your guide will collect you and transport you to Parc Nationale Des Volcans, located in the Northern district of Rwanda. This park is the habitat of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Enjoy dinner and spend the night at one of the following accommodations: Kinigi guest house for Budget, Hotel Muhabura for mid-range, or Mountain Gorilla View Lodge.

Day 2: Engaging in gorilla trekking activity in Rwanda

Second  day of a 4-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition, Begin your day with a breakfast in the misty and cold Ruhengeri, followed by a drive to the park headquarters. There, you will receive training from the park ranger guides about Gorilla trekking. They will also assign you a specific gorilla group to track. Next, you will commence your journey down the path, led by a ranger guide, to engage in gorilla trekking in Rwanda. You will traverse steep and densely forested Virunga hills until you ultimately encounter the mountain gorillas, concealed behind the bush.

Encountering a mountain gorilla at close range is an exceptionally awe-inspiring experience, and you will have the privilege of enjoying it for a full hour! Capture photographs and film videos, if possible, while maintaining a low vocal volume and adhering to the guidance provided by your tour guide. Upon completing the trip, you will be brought back to the initial location where you will be presented with a certificate for your successful gorilla trekking expedition in Rwanda. This achievement will provide you with a sense of pride and fulfillment. Establish communication with your guide and return to the lodge to refresh yourself and enjoy a leisurely evening. Enjoy dinner and spend the night at the hotel mentioned previously

4-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition

Day 3: Hiking in the natural environment

Third day  of  4-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition, Enjoy a morning meal and embark on a guided nature excursion through a dense forest teeming with bird species, vibrant butterflies, and playful primates. Alternatively, you might opt to take a leisurely walk around the lodge or participate in a communal stroll. Enjoy an evening meal and spend the night at the resort.

Day 4: Departure

Last day of 4-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition, Indulge in breakfast and return to Kigali for a concise city tour, which includes exploring the local market and museum. Afterwards, proceed to the airport for your departing flight, concluding your 4-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition.

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