2 days Akagera wildlife safari, wildlife viewing & boat cruise

2 days Akagera  wildlife safari provides the opportunity to visit Rwanda’s sole Savannah national park and provide an extraordinary experience observing Africa’s big five species. The total size of Akagera National Park is 1112 square kilometers. The park was founded in 1934 by the Belgian government with the purpose of safeguarding the park’s wildlife and the complete ecosystem. The park was named after the River Akagera, which traverses the area. The river nourishes Lake Ihema, Lake Victoria, and other smaller aquatic reservoirs.

2 days akagera wildlife safari

Akagera National Park was previously greater than its current size during 2 days  Akagera wildlife safari in Rwanda. It boasted a substantial population of untamed canines, making it one of the most populous regions for untamed dogs in Africa. They posed a threat to populations in the region and were believed to be transmitting the feared rabies. The Belgian colonial authorities eliminated the majority of them. The population of wild dogs in the park became extinct by the early 1990s, coinciding with a major decline in the overall number of park wildlife.

2 days akagera wildlife safari

The park animals suffered a fatal blow during the genocide that occurred in 1994. A multitude of refugees traversed or established residence in the park with the intention of pursuing the large felines in order to safeguard their domesticated animals or procure antelopes for consumption. A significant portion of the park’s vegetation was decimated to make way for agricultural land, logging, fuelwood, and charcoal production. The lion and rhinoceros populations in the park have become extinct.

2 days Akagera  wildlife safari, the newly established governance had to implement resolute measures to preserve the park. The park administration transitioned to African Parks. African Parks manages more animal protection areas in Africa through unique agreements with governments. The implementation of the massive fencing effectively halted the encroachment of the park. Trespassing into the park is unlawful, and anyone apprehended will be subject to legal consequences. The park has successfully reintroduced lions and rhinos, and these species are currently flourishing in their new habitat. African Parks, in partnership with the government, is actively marketing tourism in the country and seeking substantial investment in park initiatives. Currently, the park earns more than $2.5 million in revenue from visitors.

The 2 days  Akagera wildlife safari commences in Kigali city and offers the opportunity to visit a significantly enhanced national park. The safari includes excursions for observing wildlife and a leisurely boat trip on Lake Ihema. During the course of the two-day period, you can anticipate observing a variety of creatures, including zebras, lions, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, leopards, elephants, spotted hyenas, warthogs, crocodiles, eland, topis, reedbuck, impalas, baboons, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, black-tailed mongoose, bush pigs, and buffaloes, among others. If you desire a more concise journey, I recommend exploring our 1 day Akagera safari package. To experience a more extended journey, consider our 3 Day Rwanda safari in Akagera.

Detailed itinerary of 2 days  Akagera wildlife safaris

Day 1  of 2 days Akagera  Wildlife Safari, get up very early at your lodging or place of home in Kigali to enjoy coffee while awaiting an operator from cheap Rwanda safaris. The chauffeur will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the tour and inform you about what you may anticipate. Following the information session, the driver will commence the two-hour drive to Akagera National Park. Anticipating traversing lovely scenery covered with breathtaking hills. Upon reaching the southern entrance of the park, your driver will accompany you to the lodge for the purpose of checking in and registering at the park headquarters. Subsequently, you will embark on a morning wildlife drive accompanied by a park guide. Enjoy observing Zebras, Masai Giraffe, leopards, elephants, lions, buffaloes, rhinos, and antelopes. The duration of the game drive will be relatively short in order to allow sufficient time for returning to the hotel for lunch and preparing for the following day’s boat cruise.

The boat excursion on Lake Ihema offers an exceptional opportunity to observe species of birds, crocodiles, hippos, as well as terrestrial animals quenching their thirst along the shoreline. Notable kinds of birds to observe include the Shoebill Stork, kingfishers, fish eagles, and cormorants. The duration of the boat excursion ranges from 2 to 3 hours, following which you will be transported back to your hotel for the purpose of rest, refreshment, and dinner. It is advisable to further acquaint yourself with the cost associated with visiting Akagera National Park.

The options for dinner and overnight accommodation are the Ruzizi tented camp (Luxury), Akagera wildlife Lodge (Mid-range), Devera Hotel (Budget), or Akagezi Lodge (Budget).

Day 2: Second Game drive – Departure to Kigali

Last day of 2 days Akagera  wildlife safari, wake up early, refresh yourself with a shower, and then have your morning meal. The chauffeur will collect you promptly in order to retrieve the park guide from the offices. The park guide will once again assist in identifying the optimal locations for observing the mammals. The duration of the game drive on the second day will be extended due to the availability of more time and the absence of any afternoon activities. 2 days Akagera  wildlife safari spans from the park’s southern entrance to its northern area. This excursion has the potential to last for a duration of 6 hours, during which most of the time will be dedicated to exploring the Kilala plains, the Mutumba hills, the “hippo beach”, the expansive wetlands, and the shoreline of lake Ihema. This specific region exhibits the highest density of fauna. If you did not get the opportunity to observe any of the creatures on the initial day, now is the moment to do so. Anticipate observing lions, buffaloes, Kobs, hippos, Giraffes, Elephants, and several species of antelopes with the assistance of the park guide.

2 days Akagera  wildlife safari, Akagera National Park is renowned as the premier birdwatching location in Rwanda. The park has documented more than 500 species, which include the lesser kestrel, papyrus gonolek and shoebill stork. The park offers a spectacular landscape, with the African wilderness, savannah grasslands, woodlands, bushes, and acacia thickets, which are sure to provide you with immense enjoyment.

2 days Akagera wildlife safari, upon observing the majority of the creatures in the park, you will return to the hotel in order to complete the checkout process. During your return journey to Kigali, the driver might make brief stops at the Imigongo traditional handcraft manufacturers and the Rusumo waterfall. Anticipating arrival in Kigali during the late afternoon or evening, contingent upon whether or not you have a scheduled flight, this marks the end of 2 days Akagera  wildlife safari.

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