14 Days Safari in Rwanda 

14 Days Safari in Rwanda

14 Days Safari in Rwanda is highly captivating due to its stunning and diverse hilly landscapes, earning it the nickname “Land of a Thousand Hills.” This region is renowned for its abundant wildlife. 14 Days Safari in Rwanda offers an extensive itinerary for exploring Kigali and visiting Rwanda’s top primate attractions, including Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe National Park. The tour also includes opportunities for leisure. Volcanoes National Park is renowned for its exceptional gorilla trekking experience, setting it apart as the most popular park among the two other parks in Uganda and one in Congo. Volcanoes National Park is home to approximately ten habituated gorilla families that are available for tourists. In addition to gorilla trekking, Volcanoes National area is also a habitat for the critically endangered golden monkeys, as well as a variety of other forest wildlife. The area is home to over 200 distinct kinds of birds.

14 Days Safari in Rwanda 

14 Days Safari in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park, on the other hand, serves as a habitat for the critically endangered chimpanzees as well as 12 more primate species. Exploring the Nyungwe forest by trekking alongside chimpanzees offers a breathtaking experience amidst the montane rainforest. Additionally, strolling on a canopy above the forest enhances the beauty of the adventure. The Nyungwe forest poses a significant challenge due to the extended duration required to locate the chimpanzees. Kibale forest national park in Uganda has a significant advantage over Nyungwe forest national park, as it offers a 99% chance of encountering chimpanzees. Additionally, Kibale forest is home to a population of approximately 5000 individual chimpanzees. The primates that tourists can see include Angola Colobus Monkeys, Dent’s Mona Monkeys, Grey Cheeked Mangabeys, Hamlyn’s Monkeys, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, Olive Baboon, Red-tailed Monkeys, Silver Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, and White and Black Colobus Monkeys. Akagera National Park is situated in the eastern region of Rwanda, known for its expansive savannah areas that offer exceptional opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts, particularly for observing the “big five” game species. Other notable trips to enjoy include a visit to Lake Kivu, which forms a natural border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Akagera National Park is situated in the eastern region of Rwanda, encompassing vast savannah areas that offer exceptional opportunities for wildlife encounters, particularly for observing the renowned “big five” game species. Experience exceptional game drives to observe a variety of wildlife including Buffaloes, Antelopes, Elephants, Giraffes, Leopards, Hyenas, lions, and rhinos, among others. Additional excursions encompass a visit to Lake Kivu, which borders Congo, as well as a city tour in Kigali.

Highlights of 14 Days Safari in Rwanda

Day 1: Arrival in Kigali, Rwanda. Explore the city of Kigali.
On the second day, we will go to Volcanoes National Park and have a community tour. On the third day, we will have the opportunity to go gorilla trekking. On the fourth day, we will track golden monkeys. On the fifth day, we will hike Mount Bisoke and then travel to Gisenyi.
Day 6: Full-day excursion to Lake Kivu
Day 7: Transportation to Nyungwe Forest National Park
Day 8: Engage in chimpanzee trekking and experience a thrilling canopy walk. Day 9: Observe colobus monkeys and embark on a journey to explore waterfalls.
Day 10: Birdwatching excursion and visit to a tea plantation
Day 11: Journey to Kigali city Day 12: Journey to Akagere national park
Day 13: Excursion to observe wildlife on a game drive and a boat cruise on Lake Ihema
Day 14: Departure from Kigali

Detailed itinerary of 14 Days Safari in Rwanda


Day 1: Arrival in Kigali, Rwanda

On the first day of your 14 Days Safari in Rwanda, after arriving at Kigali International Airport on your confirmed flight, you will be greeted by your safari driver who will serve as your guide for the duration of the trip. They will assist you with your luggage and transport you to your prearranged accommodation in Kigali city. If you arrive at a specific time, it would be optimal to embark on a city trip on the same day.

14 Days Safari in Rwanda 

Explore notable attractions in Kigali such as the Kigali genocide memorial. Take a scenic drive to one of the hills in Kigali to get a panoramic city view and embark on a market tour. For a luxurious experience, return to your hotel in the evening for supper and an overnight stay at Kigali Serena Hotel. If you prefer a mid-range option, consider staying at Des Mille Collins Hotel. For those on a budget, Step Town Motel is a suitable choice.

Day 2: Transportation to Volcanoes National Park and participation in a community tour.

Day 2 of 14 Days Safari in Rwanda, following breakfast, complete the check-out process at the hotel and commence your journey to transfer to Volcanoes National Park. The distance between Kigali and Musanze, where the habitat of the endangered mountain gorillas is located, can be covered by car in approximately 2-3 hours.

Arrive at Musanze at an opportune time for lunch after completing the check-in process at your prearranged accommodation. In the late afternoon, I will be visiting the Iby’wacu Cultural Village. The organization is a non-profit umbrella organization that seeks to enhance the well-being of reformed poachers and communities in the vicinity of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. They achieve this by offering conservation incentives, supporting the development of community enterprises, and implementing projects that promote livelihoods. The location offers a gratifying experience where you will receive guidance as you immerse yourself in the Kinyarwanda traditions, such as the Intore dance, traditional ceremonies, and a guided community stroll. Proceed to your reserved lodging for dinner and overnight stay at either 5 Volcanoes Gorilla lodge or Virunga lodge for a luxurious alternative, Le Bambou Gorilla lodge or Da Vinci Gorilla lodge for a more affordable choice, or Hotel Muhabura or Kinigi Guesthouse for a budget-friendly option.

Day 3: Gorilla trekking expedition

Following your morning meal, you will be transported to the Kinigi park headquarters equipped with your hiking equipment for a comprehensive orientation on the imperiled mountain gorillas. on day 3 of 14 Days Safari in Rwanda,  you have been assigned a gorilla family to track. Please make your way to the starting location and begin the walk, following the supervision of the armed ranger guides and the ranger guides. The duration of this activity might vary from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the gorillas’ mobility. Nevertheless, encountering them is highly gratifying, and you will dedicate a maximum of one hour to observing and documenting them through studying, capturing photographs, and recording films. Upon concluding your encounter with the captivating mountain gorillas, proceed back to the base and rendezvous with your driver in order to proceed to your resort for a midday meal and rejuvenation. Allocate the remainder of your day for leisure activities. Enjoy a meal and spend the night at the lodge that has been reserved as mentioned earlier.

14 Days Safari in Rwanda 
Day 4 of the 14 Days Safari in Rwanda in Volcanoes involves engaging in a journey to observe and encounter golden monkeys.

On the fourth day of your 14 Days Safari in Rwanda, after having breakfast in the early morning, return to the park headquarters to receive instructions on the endangered golden monkeys and be assigned to a specific group. Proceed to the initial tracking location and venture into the forest in order to locate the elusive golden monkey. This activity typically lasts for between 1 to 5 hours and involves observing various primates in the park, such as red-tailed monkeys and Vervet monkeys, from a close proximity. After observing the elusive golden monkeys for one hour, capturing photographs and analyzing their behaviors, you will return to the base and rendezvous with your driver for the journey back to the lodge.

On the fifth day, we will embark on a hike up Mount Bisoke and then proceed to transfer to Gisenyi.

Day 5 of 14 Days Safari in Rwanda, you will have  breakfast before embarking on the Mount Bisoke walk, which is located within the boundaries of Volcanoes National Park. Once you have been briefed on the hike and have prepared your hiking equipment, begin the hike. This is a day-long trek via the precipitous inclines of the mountain. Upon reaching the summit, you will encounter a stunning crater lake, and the entire experience is awe-inspiring! Retreat to your cabin and unwind while cherishing wonderful moments.

Following the midday meal, depart from the resort and proceed to Gisenyi by car. The distance from Musanze may be covered by car in around two hours. Upon arrival in Gisenyi, proceed to your prearranged lodging situated in close proximity to the shores of Lake Kivu, offering beautiful vistas. Unwind at the lodge and enjoy dinner and an overnight stay at Lake Kivu Serena Hotel for a luxurious experience, Palm Garden Hotel for a mid-range option, or Paradise Malahide Hotel for a more budget-friendly choice.

Day 6: Full-day outing to Lake Kivu

Following your morning meal, proceed to discover Lake Kivu and reach Rubavu town located on the shores of Lake Kivu. Here, you will spend the remainder of the day indulging in the lakeside experience, including boat excursions to the lake’s islands, a guided tour of the town with a midday meal along the way, and leisurely relaxation by the shores while enjoying the refreshing breeze. Enjoy a meal and spend the night at the resort mentioned before

.14 Days Safari in Rwanda 

Day 7: Transportation to Nyungwe Forest National Park

After savoring a delightful breakfast at your own pace, begin your trip to Nyungwe Forest National Park, which is around a 6-7 hour drive from Gisenyi. Experience a scenic journey as you traverse the undulating terrain and behold the magnificent vistas of the Virunga Mountains. After reaching Nyumgwe forest, proceed to your prearranged accommodation for supper and overnight stay. The options are One and Only Nyungwe House for a luxurious experience, Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel for a mid-range option, and Gisakura Visitors Centre for those on a budget.

Day 8: Engaging in chimpanzee hiking and experiencing a canopy walk

Indulge in a morning meal and attend a briefing regarding the endangered chimpanzees. Afterwards, venture into the Nyungwe forest to hunt for these lively and mischievous creatures. Chimpanzees are quite conspicuous as they effortlessly leap between trees, vocalizing and expressing amusement. The typical duration for chimpanzee tracking is approximately 3 hours. Upon locating them, allocate an hour to capture photographs and movies before returning to your lodge for lunch.

14-Day Rwanda Adventure Safari
Experience Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe and enjoy a thrilling canopy trek. You will embark on a hiking track that leads to the Canopy Walk, a 50-meter swing bridge strung from towering trees. From this vantage point, you will get a remarkable aerial perspective of the rainforest, allowing you to observe wildlife in motion below. Enjoy a meal and spend the night at the lodge that has been provided, as mentioned earlier.

Day 9: Hiking to observe colobus monkeys and waterfalls

On the ninth day of your fourteen-day Rwanda Adventurous safari, after breakfast, you will follow the same technique as chimpanzee tracking. You will receive a briefing and then enter the bush to seek for the colobus monkey. These primates have a distinct behavior of leaping between trees, making them challenging to locate. Nevertheless, park rangers will make every effort to assist you in obtaining an optimal observation of the primates. The process will require a time frame of 2-5 hours. Once located, you will be granted a one-hour opportunity to be in their presence.

Following a subsequent period of time, proceed to access the forest for a leisurely stroll towards the waterfalls. Along the way, you will come across various avian species and other primate creatures. Upon reaching the waterfalls, you will have a soothing and invigorating sensation, while enjoying splendid vistas of the forested mountain. After completing the hike, drive back to the lodge for lunch. In the late afternoon, you can partake in a coffee trip that offers an opportunity to get knowledge about coffee production in Rwanda. During the tour, you will have the chance to sample Rwandan coffee and even purchase some to take home. Retire to your lodge for dinner and spend the night at the aforementioned hotel.

Day 10: bird watching excursion and visit to a tea estate

Following breakfast at the lodge, return to the park to partake in a Nyungwe bird watching excursion. Your ranger guide will lead you through the many paths of the park for this avian adventure. In the late afternoon, you will explore tea estates before returning to the hotel. Enjoy a dinner and spend the night at the lodge mentioned previously.

Day 11: Travel to Kigali, Rwanda

Following breakfast, depart from the hotel and proceed to Kigali. Along the way, make a stop at the Rwanda National Museum in Butare and the Nyanza Kinga palace in Huye. Enjoy lunch throughout the journey. The distance to Kigali may be covered in around 6 to 7 hours by car. Upon reaching Kigali, find your hotel in order to rest. Unwind and enjoy a leisurely evening at the hotel. Enjoy a delightful dinner and spend the night at your choice of Kigali Serena Hotel, Des Mille Collins Hotel, or Step Town Motel.

Day 12: Upon arrival, we will be transferred to Akagera National Park, where we will go on an evening wildlife drive.

On the twelfth day of your fourteen-day Rwanda Adventurous safari, depart for Akagera National Park situated in the eastern region of Rwanda following breakfast. This area is distinct from other hilly regions in Rwanda due to its savannah vegetation and relatively flat terrain. The distance between Kigali and Akagera national park can be covered by car in around 2-3 hours. Upon arrival at the park in the late morning, proceed to the lodge for check-in. Afterwards, have lunch and partake in an evening game drive to enhance your enjoyment. Prior to dusk, please return to your accommodation at either Ruzizi tented camp, Akagera game lodge, or Dereva hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.

On the thirteenth day, there will be a game drive followed by a boat ride on Lake Ihema.

Following your breakfast, you will commence your morning game drive within the park to observe and appreciate the abundant animals. Anticipate encountering the renowned Big Five, which consist of lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and recently imported rhinos. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to observe other fascinating wildlife such as giraffes, warthogs, waterbucks, zebras, hyenas, and several species of antelope. Anticipate the presence of more than 500 kinds of birds as well. The duration of the gaming drive often ranges from 3 to 4 hours. Retire to the resort to have lunch and unwind while you await the subsequent adventure.

14-Day Rwanda Exciting wildlife expedition

Lake Ihema
During the afternoon, the driver will collect you for a boat excursion on Lake Ihema, which is the second most sizable lake in Rwanda, following Lake Kivu. The boat excursion provides many opportunities to observe various wildlife species, such as hippos, buffaloes, large crocodiles, and avian creatures like the malachite kingfisher and fish eagle, as they gather on the lake banks to cool off and quench their thirst. Following the extraordinary boat excursion, you will be able to return to your accommodation for a delectable meal and a restful overnight stay.

14 Days Safari in Rwanda 

Day 14: Departure from Kigali

Following the morning meal, depart from the lodge and return to Kigali. Upon reaching Kigali, partake in a city tour of Kigali, which includes a visit to the Kigali genocide memorial and Kimoromko market. Enjoy lunch along the way and then head to Kigali airport for your return flight home. Conclusion of 14 Days Safari in Rwanda

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