1 days shoebill tour in Mabamba swamp

Join our exclusive 1 days  shoebill tour in Mabamba swamp to encounter the highly coveted shoebill stork, a truly charismatic avian species. The shoebill stork is a large terrestrial bird that is solitary in nature and possesses a distinctively attractive bill shaped like a shoe. 1 days  shoebill tour of the Mabamba swamp, the main focal point of Mabamba Island, located on the northern banks of Lake Victoria, the second-largest freshwater lake globally, is its abundant bird population.

1 days  shoebill tour in Mabamba swamp 
shoebill tour in Mabamba swamp

Mabamba Island is recognized as a Ramsar site, which is a wetland of international importance for bird conservation and observation. The island is home to over 300 bird species, including a captivating array of water-associated species. It also serves as a refuge for the remaining population of sitatunga antelope and hosts over 200 different butterfly species. The wetland is situated in the Wakiso district, adjacent to the Kamengo and Kasanje districts.

1 day  shoebill watching in mabamba swamp
Shoebill stork

To explore the swamps, marshes, and papyrus parts of this island, you will utilize a dugout canoe capable of accommodating 1-4 individuals. The boat will depart from the little settlement of Mabamba. Active Hosts will provide transportation for this excursion, picking you up and dropping you off at either Entebbe or Kampala city.

Detailed Itinerary: 1 days  shoebill tour in Mabamba swamp  Departure

On your 1 days  shoebill tour in Mabamba swamp, following a morning meal at approximately 06:00 hours local time, you will commence a bird-watching excursion, scheduled to begin at 07:00 hours. Join a seasoned ornithologist who will guide you to the location where the storks can be observed. In addition to the shoebill stork, you will also come across many indigenous species such as the lesser jacana, African pygmy geese, gull-billed tern, blue-breasted bee-eater, and the papyrus-specific Caruthers’s cisticola, papyrus gonolek, and white-winged warbler, 1 day shoebill tours

1 day shoebill tours
1 day shoebill watching in mabamba swamp

You will be allotted a duration of 3-4 hours to engage in photography, gain knowledge about the shoebill stork, and relish the refreshing gusts of wind emanating from the lake. The distance between Kampala city and the travel destination is around 30 kilometers, which can be covered in a 30-minute drive using the Masaka road.

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