1 day wildlife safari in Akagera National Park(very short Rwanda tour)

1 day wildlife safari in Akagera  National Park, Akagera National Park is the sole Savannah park in Rwanda that offers the opportunity to observe the Big 5, providing an authentic wildlife safari experience in Rwanda. This 1 day wildlife safari in Akagera  National Park offers a quintessential African safari experience in Rwanda, known as the “land of a thousand hills.”” Akagera National Park has a diverse landscape of savannah and woodland regions, providing visitors with a wide range of scenic views in Rwanda. During your journey, there is a possibility of encountering large creatures and witnessing stunning scenery.


1 day tour to Akagera National Wildlife Park

Akagera National Park is situated in the eastern part of Rwanda, adjacent to the Tanzanian border. The management of this park is currently being handled by African Parks, a non-profit organization, in collaboration with the Rwanda Development Board. Their efforts in conservation have been commendable. Previously, there were significant conflicts between individuals and the park. However, these issues were partially resolved by putting a fence around a portion of the park and implementing community tours. These 1 day wildlife safari in Akagera  National Park encourage tourists to explore nearby towns (kigali city) and reap the associated advantages. The 1 day wildlife safari in Akagera  National Park offers excellent opportunities to observe a variety of mammal species in Rwanda’s sole Savannah park. This park is home to Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Kobs, Zebras, Bushbucks, Waterbucks, and recently introduced Black Rhinos from South Africa. As a result, Akagera National Park has regained its status as a “big 5” park, just as it was many years ago. The area is rich in avian biodiversity, with a wide variety of bird species inhabiting different ecosystems such as forests, wetlands, lakes, and grasslands.

1 day wildlife safari in Akagera  National Park

Detailed itinerary of a 1 day wildlife safari in Akagera  National Park

On the  start of your 1 day wildlife safari in Akagera  National Park, Early this morning, we departed from Kigali at approximately 5 am for a day excursion to Akagera National Park, located approximately 2 hours away from Kigali. Akagera National Park primarily consists of savannah landscapes. The game drive in the northern region of the park offers excellent chances to observe a variety of wildlife, including elephants, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, impalas, waterbucks, rhinos, the elusive leopard, and recently introduced lions. Proceed to the park reception through the southern gate in order to receive a concise briefing of the park. The majority of your day will be spent in the northern part of the park, which is home to many animals due to its unique geography and vegetation. The duration of the Akagera game drive typically spans approximately 6 hours, contingent upon the frequency of animal sightings and individual interest.

The tour guide will provide recommendations for lunch options, allowing you to either purchase a meal or bring your own packed lunch. Subsequently, you will embark on your game drive and subsequently depart through the northern gate later in the evening.


1 day wildlife safari in Akagera  National Park Included 

  • Ground transport in 4×4 Vehicle
  • Bottled water
  • Park entrance fees
  • Game drive
  • Service of an English-speaking driver guide
  • All mentioned activities except for the optional ones


1 day wildlife safari in Akagera  National Park Excluded

  • Lunch
  • Tips to porters and drivers/ guide
  • Insurance
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