1 day Entebbe tour

1 day Entebbe tour (short uganda tour)

1 day Entebbe tour offers a captivating opportunity for tourists to see the historic Colonial and first Capital City of Uganda, located on the tranquil banks of Lake Victoria. This lake is not only the source of the Nile River but also the largest lake in Africa in terms of area, as well as the world’s largest tropical lake.

1 day Entebbe tour

On 1 day Entebbe tour, visit Entebbe Town, located on the beaches of Lake Victoria, a highly endowed city in Uganda, offering a range of fascinating sites for tourists to explore either upon arrival or before departure from the nation. Entebbe town is home to a majority of the beaches, the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, the National Botanical gardens, the Uganda Reptile Village, and the scenic Golf course, among other attractions, comprising at least 90% of them.
The 1 Day Entebbe  Tour includes visits to the Entebbe Botanical Gardens and the Uganda Wildlife Education Center and concludes with a serene sunset sail on Lake Victoria.

The main features of the 1 day Entebbe tour include

   transportation in a specialized 4WD vehicle.
• Packaged water.
• Guided excursion of the Entebbe Botanical gardens.
• Visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center.
• Evening nautical excursion.

Detailed itinerary for the 1 day Entebbe tour

1 day Entebbe tour, depending on your location, either in Kampala or Entebbe, you will have breakfast and be collected by our driver/guide to commence your trip to the extraordinary Entebbe Botanical Gardens. These gardens are situated on the northern coast of Lake Victoria and were built in 1898. You will experience a tranquil atmosphere and have the opportunity to encounter a diverse array of plant life, blossoms, and avian species. The site guide will provide information on various bird species that are commonly found in the area. These include the swamp flycatcher, black-headed weavers, African open-billed storks, orange weavers, pied kingfishers, Giant Kingfishers, Hammerkop, yellow-billed ducks, yellow-backed weavers, long-tailed cormorants, black-headed herons, grey-headed gulls, and numerous other species.


Enjoy a meal at Thai Garden, a highly acclaimed restaurant in Entebbe. Afterwards, visit the Uganda mammals Education Center, formerly known as Entebbe Zoo, where you can observe a diverse range of Uganda’s mammals, birds, and plant species in their natural habitats. The wildlife that can be encountered includes giraffes, buffaloes, lions, leopards, waterbucks, bushbucks, islands, zebras, Uganda kobs, impalas, and chimpanzees. Additionally, several bird species such as the shoebill stork, parrots, grey crowned cranes, and peacocks can also be observed. During your time at UWEC, you will have the opportunity to partake in exceptional activities, such as a “behind the scenes” tour. This tour allows you to directly engage with the animals and even feed them, including the magnificent giraffes. Following your thrilling visit to Uganda Wildlife Education Center, you will then embark on a sunset boat on Lake Victoria.

The Sunset cruise commences at 5:00 pm, during which you will embark on a boat excursion lasting ninety minutes. Experience the picturesque beauty of the sunset and the tranquil ambiance of the lake, which you can capture with your camera. Receive transportation to your residence in Kampala, Entebbe, or to the Airport for your return journey (if the aircraft departs from 21:00 hours onwards).
Conclusion of your 1 day Entebbe tour

The Entebbe Tour package offers a 1 day Entebbe tour itinerary that includes a visit to the renowned

Entebbe Botanical Gardens.
• Midday meal.
• Packaged water.
• Explore the Uganda Wildlife Education Center.
• The boat excursion at sunset.

• Transportation service for picking up and dropping off passengers at the airport. Entebbe vehicle rental services
• Applicable government taxes.
• A guide who speaks English fluently and is available for full-time work.
• Personalized four-wheel drive (4WD) automobile.

The1 day Entebbe tour package does not include personal expenses such as beverages, cigarettes, tips, laundry fees, and souvenirs.
• Individual insurance coverage.
• Visa for Uganda.
• Excluded from the agenda are optional activities.
• Flight ticket prices.

Tourist also opt for the following during their 1 day Entebbe tour


Option 1: Bird Observation Encounter in Mabamba Swamp

Enjoy your breakfast at your accommodation and then proceed to Mabamba bay wetland, a significant bird habitat, to observe the magnificent shoebill bird and the Papyrus Yellow Warbler while navigating through the swamp in a dugout canoe. After enjoying a meal at a nearby local restaurant, I recommend visiting the Entebbe botanical gardens. Here, you can observe various primates and birds, such as the black and white colobus and vervet monkeys, long-tailed and great cormorants, Madagascar bee-eater, green crombec, orange weaver, golden and yellow-backed weavers, superb sunbird, bare faced go away bird, Ross’s turaco, grey and brown parrots, palm swift, little swift, and the Entebbe weaver (a species endemic to Uganda that has only been recorded at this site once). Finally, I suggest paying a visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center. Food schedule: midday meal. Service terminated.

entebbe town

Option 2: Tour of Entebbe City and Visit to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Consume your morning meal and then make your way to Entebbe waterfront club to embark on a high-speed vessel to Ngamba Island’s chimpanzee sanctuary. You will be greeted by the day caregiver and receive a briefing about the site’s rules at the resource center. Following that, you will participate in a mid-day feeding session and have lunch on the island.

entebbe city tour
entebbe city tour

   Afterward, you will board the boat and return to Entebbe. Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center and observe various fauna and birds, including the lion in a cage and other members of the “big five”. Subsequently, our chauffeur will transport you to the airport in the evening for your return journey. Conclusion of services for the Entebbe city tour.

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